The ABCs of QR Codes

Everything You Need to Know About QR Codes

QR codes are the easiest way to connect offline audiences to any online destination. Although QR codes were invented nearly three decades ago, they have only gained widespread popularity in the past few years. QR codes are found everywhere, from contactless menus, event tickets, and event product packaging!

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How do QR codes work?

QR codes are a lot like the barcodes on products at your favorite stores, just more advanced.  Like barcodes, QR codes are machine-readable images. When you scan a QR code, your phone reads the unique pattern and displays the related information.

No app required.

How do you scan a QR code?

Most phones have built-in software that lets you scan a QR code in a few quick steps. Simply open your phone camera, aim it at the QR code, and tap the banner that appears onscreen. If your phone doesn’t automatically scan the QR code, you may need to download the Google Lens app.

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How do you create a QR code?

Flowcode makes it easy to create QR codes in a snap. Click the "Create a Flowcode" button, enter or paste any URL, customize the code's design, and download your Flowcode. Now you have a unique QR code to share with the world!

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Flowcode vs. Generic QR codes

Flowcodes aren’t your average black-and-white QR codes. They can be customized to fit your style preferences and even display your logo. Unlike most other QR codes, you can update your Flowcode's URL anytime. You won’t need to create and generate a new Flowcode; just update the link through your account.

QR Code Best Practices

QR codes send IRL audience to your online experience.

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What is a QR code?


How do you scan a QR code?


How do you make a QR code?


What are the benefits of QR Codes?


How can I use QR codes for my business?


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