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QR Codes for Independent Sellers

The independent seller market is projected to rapidly grow in the coming years. As the market becomes more crowded, independent sellers can distinguish themselves by using QR codes to build relationships with their customers and drive traffic to their websites.

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Increase Traffic

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QR codes instantly connect customers to e-commerce experiences with a quick scan. Independent sellers can confidently choose Flowcode knowing its next-gen QR codes are a cut above the rest.

Reduce Marketing Costs with QR Analytics

Learn who your audience is and get more orders!

Use Cases

Independent sellers can use QR codes to instantly send real-world buyers to their e-store with a quick scan.

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The Flowcode team wants to help independent sellers optimize their QR strategy. Want to learn more?


What is a QR code?


What are the benefits of QR Codes?


How can I use QR codes for my business?


Are QR codes free?


How do QR codes work?


Can I track how customers are engaging with my QR codes?


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