Top companies rely on Flowteams

  • Univision
  • wheels up
  • BMW logo

Collaborate with ease

View and share Flowcodes and Flowpages with entire teams. Give permissions to duplicate assets, view analytics, and change Flowcode scan destinations utilizing Flowteams.

Keep your branding consistent

Flowteams enables entire organizations to use the same QR code designs to match the custom colors of your brand.

Company control

Your teams are using Flowcodes, collecting CRM information, and deciding where to send your customers. Gain organization wide insights and control.

Streamline your team management

  • QR code analytics

    Insightful analytics

    View the performance of your Flowcodes across entire organizations or teams with total ease.

  • QR code sharing

    Sharing your way

    Assign admin privileges, manage permissions, create teams and sub-teams, and maintain member lists with ease.

  • QR code folders

    Campaign organization

    Create nested folders for teams and individuals so every campaign is trackable and organized.


What is Flowteams?


With Flowteams, how do you create a team and add people?


Can you share assets directly from individual accounts to teams? 


What happens to the materials in accounts of someone who leave an organization? 


How many sub teams can one individual be a part of?


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