QR code management for your entire team

Securely manage QR code assets and mobile pages across your multi-level organization.

Team Collaboration

Shared Designs

Team Management

Used by over 20,000 businesses and 5 million individuals across 100+ countries with proven results

Collaborate with ease

View, share, and distribute Flowcodes and Flowpages with ease to entire teams and give permissions to duplicate assets, view analytics, and change destinations for codes — even if they never created the code themself. 

Organize your team

Assign admin privileges,  manage permissions, create teams and sub-teams, and maintain member lists with ease. 

Protect your brand

Utilize a single template with and enable brand guidelines so your organization standards are consistent across offline content.

Sharing your way

Easily share Flowcodes, Flowpages, or entire folders of codes across your organization or with individuals with viewing and editing permissions.  

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