Create a Dynamic QR Code for Your Event

QR For Live Events

Adding QR codes throughout your event allows you to instantly connect with your attendees. Create unique experiences, provide instant access to information, and gain key insights about your customers!

Update event information in real-time.

Learn about your audience with polls, surveys, and contact collection.

Sell event merchandise quickly and easily!

QR Codes Drive Revenue

The biggest names in events trust Flowcode

A Better Experience For Your Customers

How the best event producers use Flowcode QR codes and landing pages.

  • Display Your Flowcode

    QR codes that are properly displayed get 30% more engagement!

  • Share the WiFi

    Save attendees time and frustration. Flowcodes make it easy for attendees to instantly connect to WiFi with a quick scan.

  • Mobile Check-in

    Reduce lines and make it easier for attendees to enter you event with Flowcode powered e-tickets.

  • Inventory-Free Merch Sales

    With Flowcode Commerce, your merch displays can transact and trigger auto-shipment of merch so don't need to have your whole inventory on-site.

  • Sell Tickets for Next Year

    Use Flowcodes in digital and printed marketing campaigns to drive ticket sales. During your events, use Flowcode to drive presale tickets for future events!

  • Audience Contact Collection

    Engaging with your audience after your event is critical to keep your brand top of mind with your audience. Using Flowcodes to drive newsletter signups is a highly effective way to grow your subscribers. During past events, organizers have seen up to a ___% conversion rate when using Flowcodes for newsletter signups. 

Increase Profits with In-Event QR Codes

Flowcode creates a seamless way for attendees to connect with your event in real-time.

Interactive Virtual Events

Keep your viewers engaged throughout your virtual events.

Understand what is driving sales in-event.

Learn who your audience is, what interests them, and increase in-event spends while lowering marketing costs.


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