QR for consumer packaged goods

Build your audience and increase engagement, once scan at a time.

Build customer relationships.

Increase sales.

Real-time ROI data.

Used by over 10,000 businesses and 5 million individuals across 100+ countries with proven results.

Boost sales with easy reordering.

Add a code to your packaging that sends customers to instantly reorder.

Brands like Hello Sunshine use Flowcode to engage with customers in the packaging of their products

Real-time engagement data.

Use Flowcode's QR engagement data to learn how to reach your audience, where they are. See how, when, and where your audience is scanning your creative.

Test. Learn. Then test again.

A/B test your campaigns with unique codes to learn where to optimize your marketing spend.

Build your email list.

Send scanners to a contact collection form so you can keep up to date on your latest sales, features, or content.

Get more followers

Add a code to your packaging that sends customers to your social accounts.

QR Code Basics

We've compiled a list of QR code marketing rules, guaranteed to help you boost engagement with your audience.

How other CPG brands drive direct sales with Flowcode.

Why you need Flowcode QR for your packaging

There's a reason why 60% of the Fortune 500 choose Flowcode. Custom-designed codes that never expire. Codes that can be updated to new links anytime. And easy to understand data to see when, where, and how customers are engaging.

Make your videos interactive.

With the Flowcode video tool, we automatically add a code to your video without getting in the way of your creative. No editing required!

Why 60% of the Fortune 500 Use Flowcode.


Host All Your Links

Flowpage is the easiest way to share all your links, social accounts, contact information, and content in a mobile-first landing page. No coding required!

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