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Sharing contact information has never been faster with Flowcode QR code business cards. Business cards with Flowcode QR codes get 60% more interaction!




Business Cards That Actually Work

How to leverage your business card to deliver results.

Your contact info saved, every time.

By adding a Flowcode QR code to your business card, you don't have to worry about lost, thrown away, or forgotten about cards. Just have new contacts scan your Flowcode and they'll download all your contact info in seconds.

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Ditch the throwaway cards and upgrade to next-gen Flowcode business cards. With several design options to explore, find the one that reflects your personal style and goals.


What is a QR code?


What are the benefits of QR Codes?


How can I use QR codes for my business?


Does Flowcode offer plans designed for entrepreneurs and businesses?


Do the NFC chip and QR code have the same destination?


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