QR Codes for Freelancers

Grow your business and get more clients with QR code solutions

From leveling up your portfolio to watermarks on your work, QR codes can be harnessed in dozens of ways for your freelance work.

We help power direct connections for the world's leading brands

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QR codes for freelancers

Business modernized

Ditch the paper business cards. QR codes on premium reusable ones let people scan directly to your contact info and portfolio.

Insight for your clients

QR codes can track engagement in the real world. Propose them as a solution for your clients and get new data insights

QR codes for freelancers
QR codes for freelancers

Get more clients

Your digital presence is just a scan away. Add QR codes to your work in the real world for instant connection to projects and social accounts.

How freelancers use QR codes

  • QR codes for freelancers

    Receive payments with ease

    A QR code on a paper invoice can drive directly to a web page for payment.

  • QR codes for freelancers

    Watermark your projects

    Embed QR codes on top of any photo or document you share with prospective clients.

  • QR codes for freelancers

    Elevate your videos

    Hosting a webinar or online event? Add a QR code to your video that drives to an offer or insight about your business or services.

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