Why Your Events Need Flowcode QR Codes

March 10th, 2022 · 6 minute read

The advent of Covid changed the shape of events forever, sparking a rise in hybrid and virtual events. The rapid adoption of QR codes during Covid in places like restaurants is enabling a second wave of innovation that will forever impact the events industry. QR codes are fundamentally changing how events are run.   

For the first time, people can truly understand how events deliver incredible ROI for companies. Organizations and event organizers can gain insights into how people interact with events in the physical world like never before. QR codes can be integrated directly into events in innovative and engaging ways to provide multilayered experiences. From QR code event check-in to merchandise sales, QR codes add a host of new options for in-person and hybrid events.  

However, not all QR codes are equal. Flowcode is the best QR code generator, offering advanced QR codes which receive a 19% higher scan rate than typical codes. From highly customized codes to match brand colors and guidelines to dynamic code capabilities, allowing event organizers to change the landing destination in real-time.  

Tens of thousands of people have used Flowcodes at events for a reason. Let’s explore a few ways event planners can use QR codes to enhance their events, whether they’re in-person, hybrid, or entirely digital.  

Flowcodes Supercharge Commerce 

Merchandise sales are an essential revenue driver at events and bring in hundreds of millions of dollars every year. Fans and event attendees have always been drawn to purchase unique, artist-driven clothing and souvenirs. However, long lines and hectic shopping experiences can often be deterrents.

Flowcodes can significantly improve the purchasing experience at events leading to more sales. At a recent music festival, Flowcodes were used in various locations to drive direct merchandise sales. The festival saw an average checkout size of nearly 2X the industry average.

Using Flowcodes to drive sales at your event can drive faster checkout, larger cart sizes, and expand point of sale locations beyond just a merchandise booth. 

Flowcodes for Physical Events 

Covid-19 drastically impacted every aspect of our daily lives. In-person gatherings were canceled or moved online, but survey-based predictions have begun to paint a more optimistic picture of the future: 86% of those surveyed predict a full recovery back to “usual” business levels by 2022 or later. 

A single Flowcode can direct audiences to multiple online resources and experiences when connected to Flowpage, an all-in-one mobile landing page for all of your URLs. By linking your Flowcode to your Flowpage, you can create a contactless environment and reduce the need for printed materials. Attendees can explore maps, view schedules, sign up for breakout sessions, and view sponsor information from a single code connected to a Flowpage with a quick scan.  

At a recent weekend event, a large beverage brand used Flowcodes to collect contact information for a raffle. 92% of people who scanned a Flowcode entered their contact information, for a customer acquisition cost of just $0.42.  

Flowcode team can work with you to develop a custom Flowpage and decide on the best places to send your audience. Our team is here to help for any event – whether you’re using Flowpage to facilitate online donations and share volunteer programs at a charity event, or directing students to online assignments and activities at an educational event.


Flowcodes for Hybrid Events 

Flowcodes can be effectively integrated into hybrid event live streams, allowing virtual viewers to interact with the programming. By placing a Flowcode in your on-screen graphics, viewers can scan to learn information about speakers, respond to surveys, submit their CRM info, or ask Q&A questions.  

The addition of a Flowcode to your streaming takes your audience from passive onlookers to active participants. QR codes give you the ability to capture the power of your physical event in a digital space and make your live streams more impactful.   

As events steadily begin again, event planners have the difficult balancing act of providing entertainment while still protecting their attendee’s health.  

By using QR codes in their hybrid events, planners can create an environment absent of unnecessary contact, making them safer for in-person attendees. For example, Flowcode displays can enable contactless check-in – attendees simply scan the Flowcode on their mobile device and are sent to an online check-in page. 

Connect with our team, and we’ll help you use Flowcodes throughout your programming and accompanying live streams. Level up your hybrid events Flowcodes to create immersive virtual experiences for online guests and socially distanced in-person gatherings.  


FlowcodeTV for Televised Events  

QR codes also benefit televised events, as videos with Flowcodes get 60% more engagement than normal QR codes. FlowcodeTV is the only QR platform designed for TV, CTV, and digital video.  Our team provides event organizers and producers with QR graphic overlays, mobile-optimized post-scan pages, and a dedicated client success team.  

NBCUniversal incorporated Flowcodes into their 2020 Tokyo Olympics broadcast to create interactive, omnichannel experiences for viewers. Flowcodes were also used on printed materials and digital video to connect the physical and digital events seamlessly.  

With FlowcodeTV, digital and television event producers don’t have to wonder whether or not their QR graphics are yielding the desired results. FlowcodeTV provides detailed conversion and engagement metrics, making it easy to track A/B testing, variable analysis, and full-funnel analytics. 

QR Codes for Your Upcoming Events

Planners know how important it is to iron out every detail and eliminate blind spots ahead of an upcoming event. Your QR strategy shouldn’t be an afterthought. Don’t waste your time and energy creating an online experience without mapping out the QR code displays. It’s necessary to make sure your QR codes are visible, have a clear call-to-action, and are printed on high-quality displays. Luckily, the Flowcode team is here to help you strategize and maximize audience engagement with your event’s QR codes. 

Find out more about why your event needs Flowcodes or contact us, and let us help take your event to a new level.

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