Flowcode vs. Alternatives: Why Flowcode Is The Best QR Platform

April 6th, 2022 · 6 minute read

There are several options for QR code creation services online, but Flowcode consistently offers the best features, capabilities, and value in both free and paid plans. In fact, Flowcode is the only company that offers a completely free plan with unlimited scans. 

Our amazing design customization options let you create Flowcodes with colors, styles, and logo integrations that match your brand and stand out. But it’s not just about the look – Flowcodes are GDPR and CCPA compliant and provide invaluable data you can use to track engagement. We want to give you the best experience, and whether you value privacy and analytics or just want to create a beautiful Flowcode, QR alternatives just don’t compare.

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Who has the best QR code generator?

We checked out QR-Code Generator, uQR, and Beaconstac to share how these alternatives measure up with Flowcode. Read on and see why Flowcode is a cut above the rest.

Free / Lite Plan

Flowcode vs. QR-Code Generator 

Flowcode immediately sets itself apart from QR-Code Generator in several key ways. Flowcode is free to all users; while QR-Code Generator charges $9.99 per month for subpar features compared to Flowcode’s. For instance, Flowcodes can receive unlimited scans, but this alternative’s QR codes expire after 10,000 scans. Users can create their first 3 Flowcodes for free. QR-Code Generator underwhelms yet again, giving paying customers only 2 QR codes. 

Additionally, Flowcode users gain access to Flowpage, an all-in-one landing page for all of your important links. Users can create 2 Flowpages for free and connect their audience to multiple links on their customized Flowpage. QR-Code Generator does not have a comparable product. 

Flowcode vs. uQR

While slightly cheaper than QR-Code Generator at $9.99, uQR shares many of the same shortcomings. Once again, users must pay for features that Flowcode offers for free. UQR users are able to generate 2 QR codes that expire after 10,000 scans. It’s difficult to justify the price point when Flowcode users can create 3 Flowcodes and 2 Flowpages for free and don’t ever need to worry about them expiring.

Flowcode vs. Beaconstac

Beaconstac’s starter plan will cost users $5 a month to access limited options. While Flowcode users are able to generate 3 QR codes for free, Beaconstac’s starting plan only offers 3 dynamic QR codes that are capped at 20,000 annual scans. Once again, Flowcode’s free options are more generous than an alternative’s paid plan.

Pro Plan

Flowcode Pro vs. QR-Code Generator Pro 

Flowcode Pro is our #1 plan. At $8 a month, Pro users can create an unlimited number of Flowcodes and 10 Flowpages. QR-Code Generator Pro costs $15.99 a month and only lets users create up to 50 QR codes. Flowcode Pro also has excellent features like advanced analytics, smart rules, and a custom artist-designed Flowcode crafted to match a user’s style and brand. Flowcode Pro offers more value than QR-Code Generator Pro, despite its lower price point. 

Flowcode Pro vs. uQR’s Standard Plan 

uQR’s standard plan costs users $14.95 a month, which is nearly double the cost of Flowcode Pro with far fewer features. The plan gives users 100 dynamic QR codes that expire after 100,000 scans, falling far behind Pro’s unlimited Flowcodes that never expire. Another important difference is Pro’s more detailed, helpful analytics, which make it easier to track the Flowcodes’ impact and effectiveness. 

Flowcode Pro vs. Beaconstac Pro 

At $49 a month, Beaconstac Pro gives users just 250 QR codes that are capped at 250,000 scans annually, a weak offering compared to Flowcode Pro’s unlimited dynamic QR codes that never expire. Beaconstac Pro also lacks important features like advanced analytics and customizable mobile landing pages. Flowcode Pro is 6x cheaper than Beaconstac and provides users more features and capabilities. Easy choice, right?

Advanced Plan

Flowcode Pro+ vs. QR-Code Generator Professional 

QR-Code Generator’s Professional plan is both costlier and more limiting than any of Flowcode’s alternatives. Professional is certainly overpriced at $61.99 a month for only 250 dynamic QR codes. While the plan does offer bulk editing and advanced analytics, these features do not compensate for its obvious shortcomings. Pro+, on the other hand, unlimited Flowcodes and Flowpages, powerful bulk editing, and 3 custom Flowcodes crafted by an in-house design team.

Flowcode Pro+ vs. uQR Professional 

While the uQR Professional plan is close in cost to Flowcode Pro+ at $49.99 a month, Pro+ still holds better value. uQR’s plan only allows customers to create 1,000 QR codes, which pales in comparison to the unlimited Flowcodes and Flowpages Pro+ users can access. The extra cost of Flowcode’s plan becomes insignificant once you consider the freedom and features users have compared to uQR Professional. 

Flowcode Pro+ vs. Beaconstac Pro 

Beaconstac Pro costs $99 a month, a high price for having the slimmest offering of any of the Flowcode alternatives. Beaconstac Pro users are only able to create 200 dynamic QR codes that are capped at 100,000 annual scans. Meanwhile, Flowcode Pro+ doesn’t have these limiting factors, with users able to create unlimited Flowcodes and Flowpages that never expire. 

Enterprise Plan

Flowcode Enterprise vs. uQR Enterprise 

Enterprise is Flowcode’s and uQR’s most extensive respective plans. Flowcode’s plan is ideal for businesses and offers full suite access, dedicated client success support, multi-user permissioning, and more. Both of these plans feature API access, white-label code, and dynamic QR codes that never expire, but uQR’s plan lacks Flowcode’s unlimited custom QR codes. Flowcode Enterprise also offers unlimited Flowpages and the ability to create FlowcodeTV animations, the only QR codes optimized for television and digital videos. 

Ready to create a QR code?

We’ve compared several Flowcode alternatives and their plans. These alternatives may appear to offer similar services to Flowcode, but they deliver fewer features and less functionality while costing more. If you’re struggling to figure out which QR code generator is the right fit for you, rest easy knowing Flowcode is the best in the game.

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