Where You Should Be Using QR Codes On Product Packaging

October 21st, 2021 · 3 minute read

Flowcode QR codes are an awesome way to make products more interactive and engaging, giving buyers the opportunity to explore online content and experiences on their phones with a quick scan. QR-integrated packaging isn’t just valuable and fun for customers, it also gives brands a tool to foster loyalty and generate sales. 

Brands can put Flowcodes in their designs that send customers to expanded product lines, sweepstakes sign-ups, current promotions, and more. With awesome customization options, while label capabilities, bulk code creation, and more great features, Flowcode gives brands the ability to create QR codes that match any packaging and provide actionable data. 

Need help envisioning how you can design product packaging with Flowcodes? Here are some ideas: 

Flowcodes on boxes: 

Boxes come in all shapes and sizes, some with more available real estate than others. For smaller, slimmer boxes, there’s probably not enough space to place the Flowcode on the side. The easiest, most effective placement will most likely be on the back or the front. On larger boxes, place the Flowcode anywhere highly visible that doesn’t distract from key elements of your layout, while still encouraging buyers to scan it. 

Flowcodes on bottles, cans, and cups:

For bottles, cans, and cups, place the Flowcode on the back or side of the wrapper in a location that is balanced with other elements of the design. Depending on the size of the product, you can opt for a smaller, more minimalist Flowcode, or a larger Flowcode with more detailed design elements and logo integrations. Make sure the QR code is large enough to scan – you can find more information on that here. 

Vacuum packaging: 

For larger bags, brands can integrate a smaller Flowcode on the front or back, perhaps in the bottom corners of either side. Smaller Flowcodes can be designed to stand out from other elements of the packaging so people don’t miss it. Larger bags offer more options for size, design, and placement, so you can be more creative! 

Packaging and branding obviously vary substantially from product to product. Different design constraints and challenges mean Flowcode placement will change to fit specific needs, but almost any type of packaging can benefit from a Flowcode. 

Want more ideas on how you can use Flowcodes on product packaging? Here are even more ideas on how to use Flowcode QR codes on your packaging.

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