What to Look for in a QR Code Generator

April 6th, 2020 · 4 minute read

Whether you’re looking to direct your customers to a payment portal, encourage people to attend an event, or send potential clients to your portfolio, there’s a place for QR codes in your life — and there are countless free QR code generators angling to get your business. 

Here’s how to choose the best option:

A QR code generator should allow you to generate dynamic codes

The chief criticism of QR codes is that you supposedly can’t change their destination after they’re generated. These were called “static” QR codes, and they unfortunately were the norm when QR codes first came on the scene. However, that’s no longer the case for QR technology in general. “Dynamic” QR codes can have their digital destination changed even after they’re generated, but some QR code generators don’t permit you to do this. 

Why might you want to change a QR code’s destination after the fact? Any number of reasons: Perhaps you mistyped the URL or realized that you accidentally linked to an outdated page. Also, for large-scale uses such as merchandising displays or billboards, many marketers find it cost-prohibitive to reprint the code, even if generating it is free. Updating the code’s destination means that the same printed material can lead to a different website, song, video, Facebook event, or whatever digital destination you choose — every month, every week, or even every day.

Look for a QR code generator that allows you to edit the code’s encoded information, even after you’ve generated it.

A QR code generator should be able to accept multiple types of information

Because QR codes created for marketing purposes were initially primarily used to send people to websites, many QR code generators only allow Web addresses (URLs) to be inserted. This limitation poses two problems. First, these codes are meant to be scanned by phones, and so excluding the “phone” function is detrimental to overall business needs. Second, limiting QR codes to URLs excludes a primary aspect of the Internet: email. A key part of converting leads into customers is to make it easy for them to reach you, and email is a powerful way to achieve that. Imagine the potential of a code that automatically generates an email to you.

Look for a QR code generator that allows you to enter a phone number, email address, and other key business or promotional details into the code.

A QR code generator should permit you to track performance

If QR codes sound like they could solve a lot of your marketing and promotional problems, make sure that you’re able to track your progress. Any marketing technology that doesn’t allow you to measure your results isn’t worth its salt. This is especially true when you’re pumping QR codes out into the world and have no way to see if they’re working.

That’s why your QR code generator should offer the ability to see how many people scanned your codes. In time, these analytics should be able to encompass the location and app used to scan the code. For now, it suffices to simply see if your codes are directing traffic where you want it to go. 

Look for a QR code generator that offers data on how many times your codes were scanned, so that you can see exactly how much the codes are boosting your traffic.

There are many QR code generators on the Web, but few have the combination of features — for free — that you need to affordably boost your business. Try Flowcode.com. You can generate unlimited codes for free, edit their destinations at any time, and track their performance. You can even give them nicknames so that you can quickly access them in your dashboard. Get started transforming your marketing today by visiting Flowcode.com.

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