What is Flowcode’s Landing Page Platform, Flowpage?

August 11th, 2021 · 3 minute read

Our digital worlds often feel disconnected, with different audiences sectioned away across various social media platforms and digital destinations. Flowpage offers a seamless way to bridge these gaps with a convenient landing page personalized with links to all of your web pages and profiles. 

Flowpage is easy to create and update, and features highly customizable landing page designs and valuable analytics that track what your audience is interacting with. Your audience can connect with all of the things that you care about and want to share with just the click of a link. 

Here are three easy steps to get your Flowpage up and running: 

1. Add your name, bio, profile picture, and contact information to introduce yourself to your Flowpage visitors. 

2. Add any and all links to your socials, blogs, e-stores, and more. You can even add advanced links that collect contact information, embed Spotify playlists or YouTube videos directly into your Flowpage. 

3. Customize your Flowpage design using options to change the color and theme of your Flowpage, the shape and style of your links, and your chosen background image.

Add Your Flowpage To Your Social Bio

Once you’ve completed your Flowpage, simply add the link to your profile bios or your email signature. To add your Flowpage on Twitter or Instagram, go to your profile, click the edit profile button, and add the URL in the designated field. 

Tiktok requires a few more steps before you can add a URL to your profile. First, click the three dots in the top right and select the manage account option. Under account control, click ‘Switch to Pro Account’ and change your account type from personal to business. Once the switch is complete, you’ll be able to edit your profile to add your Flowpage URL. 

Connect Your Flowpage to Your Flowcode

In addition to using your Flowpage link in your social bio, you can also connect your Flowcode QR code to a Flowpage, creating a mobile-first landing page destination for everyone who scans your code. If you want scanners to have multiple experiences, simply enter the URL (format flow.page/[your-name]) in the Flowcode QR code generator.

You can customize the code with your colors and add your logo. From there, print it on your business cards, flyers, the reception desk at your workspace — wherever you want your audience to connect with you from the physical world.

Need some inspiration to make the most of your Flowpage? If you are a brand looking to organize your digital experience, check out Erewhon's Flowpage, where they connect their menus, membership, online ordering platform, social accounts, promotions and more.

Olympic skier Bode Miller uses his Flowpage to connect with his audience, highlight his brand partners, social accounts, his non-profit fondation and more. These are just a couple of examples, but imagine the possibilities of your own Flowpage.

Flowpages are incredibly easy to make and allow you to connect with your audience across the digital sphere like never before. To check out all of Flowpage’s features and create your own, visit flowcode.com/page.

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