Want to Get More Google Reviews? Here are 5 Things to Try

April 12th, 2022 · 4 minute read

get more google reviews

Online reviews are increasingly shaping consumer behavior. About 90% of customers say they will look at online reviews before purchasing an item. So, as a business, how do you get more google reviews?

Reviews help customers prove the efficiency and quality of your service or goods. The more positive reviews your company has, the easier it is to attract new customers.

Learning how to get good reviews is essential to your business. Getting it right with google reviews means better publicity.

Google is the leading online review site with 58% of all online reviews!

Thus, having many positive reviews on Google My Business increases your visibility on the Google search engine. The visibility translates to more visits and more customer onboarding and retention.

So, how do you get more Google reviews?

5 Ways to get more Google reviews

You first need to list your business on Google My Business. The listing will aid your customers in getting information like company contact when looking for business in your area. Then, use the strategies below to have those customers leave reviews.

1. Request for Reviews Directly

If you want reviews, ask for them. Your loyal and satisfied customers are likely happy to leave a review, only that it never crossed their mind. The trick is to ease into the request and remain genuine and pleasant.

There are various ways you can request reviews. For starters, if you had a positive encounter with your customer, ask in person. Better still, you could use marketing tools such as social media and emails.

Customers will also feel cherished when you politely ask for reviews from them.

2. Design Attractive Leave Behinds

Anytime you have encountered a nice business interaction, chances are high your customer will be open to leaving a review — especially when you ask!

The easiest and most friendly way to achieve this is having good leave-behinds.

Leave-behinds are marketing content you leave with your customer. These could include:

● Business Cards

● Google review cards

● Care and maintenance tips

You could also incorporate QR Codes on the marketing content. QR Codes take the scanner straight to the review page and provide an avenue for instant feedback. You can make one for free in under 60 seconds.

3. Leverage Google resources

Google provides tools and resources you can utilize to increase reviews on your listing and improve your SEO strategy. Some of the resources at your disposal include:

● Google review links: these let customers access your review page directly. You can include them in various marketing tools and platforms like blogs, websites, and social media sites.

Google My Business Marketing Kit: this provides you with tools to create, download and share campaign content with consumers. You can download posters, signs & stickers, customize your posts and share current updates and highlights.

4. Explain to your customers how to leave a review

Not all customers who wish to leave a review do so — some just don’t know where to start!

Showing consumers how to review your business increases the number you get.

Google offers two ways to leave a Google review; a mobile or desktop browser or via Google Maps App. Each process is different and needs to be explained in detail.

You can use an article or shoot a short video on how to leave a review and share it with customers.

Of course, they need a Google account to leave a review!

5. Make Leaving a Review Simple

A customer leaving you feedback is a favor. So make the process simple for them.

You can achieve this by considering your website's traffic and creating a landing page. Having a unique review page means customers can avoid going through the website looking for the review section.

Want to take it a step further? Use QR codes that lead scanners straight to the landing page alongside the links. The scanners help consumers leave a remark fast. At the end of the day, your customer will be receptive to leaving reviews for you, but they want to do be able to do it quickly!

Creating a Google My Business Listing for your company is not enough to push visibility. You need to encourage customers to leave remarks and reviews by asking and deploying the tactics above. Remember, it is about being pleasant and making the process easy.

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