4 Ways to Use QR Codes to Produce Better Business Cards

March 17th, 2021 · 5 minute read

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If you’ve ever been to a networking event, you’ve probably noticed that they often tend to be crowded and confusing. You’re inundated with business cards, struggling to read people’s name tags, and wondering why you’re leaving your email address on a signup sheet for an unknown purpose. That's where QR codes come into play.

Let’s face it: networking events are designed for extroverts who already have their elevator pitch perfectly rehearsed. During the pandemic, these events became a rarity — but they’re trickling back to life, and now we’re eager to fix those problems. 

So, how can you successfully network in a post-COVID environment? Turns out that it’s even better with minimal contact, thanks to the power of QR codes.

How do I create a QR code for my business card?

Making a digital business card couldn't be easier when you're using QR codes. The benefits are massive too. From making real connections to streamlining sign-in sheets, here's why Flowcode QR codes are the ones you should use.

1. Use QR codes to skip the business cards and make a real connection 

Ever walked away from a networking event with dozens of business cards, then stared at them trying to remember who was who? You’re not alone. Business cards are powerful, and when well-designed (perhaps with QR codes), they can grab a lot of attention. 

But in a contactless environment, you don’t want to be collecting pieces of paper … or handing them out. This might be for the better. Instead of passing out business cards, get people to engage with you in a creative way: have them scan a Flowcode that you’ve printed on a lapel pin. From there, they can visit your portfolio, landing page, or something else that gets them talking. It’s so much more memorable than handing them an easily-lost piece of cardstock!

2. Use QR codes to streamline your sign-in sheets

Running a networking event? Take it from someone who’s been to dozens: no one wants to stand in line to write their name and email on a sheet of paper. Instead, go contactless — and add value in the process.

Set up a Flowcode for an online sign-in sheet (Google Forms or Typeform are great options). Print the code on a poster and display it at the entrance. It will be easier for people to check-in, and you can direct them to a landing page once they’re done. This helps them feel integrated into the event and eager to participate. Plus, no more stolen pens, crowding the entrance, or unnecessary close contact.

3. QR codes allow contactless entry

For prepaid or VIP networking events, it can be difficult to keep track of attendees and their guests. Scrolling through a long list of names or collecting undue payment is cumbersome — and can delay people’s entrance to your event. To make things easier, send each participant and their guest(s) a Flowcode. Your staff can then scan the code to verify their ticket. It’s fast, efficient, and contactless!

4. QR codes let you run a COVID-safe raffle or silent auction

Sure, you’re not likely to contract COVID from raffle tickets — but they’re still easy to lose! And it’s hard to social-distance when you’re waiting to enter your bid in a silent auction. The solution is Flowcode: the perfect way to direct people to an online payment portal and conveniently access their tickets or bids.

Here’s how it could work for a raffle: 

  1. Generate a Flowcode for the raffle registration page. 
  2. Allow people to choose the number of tickets and pay, if applicable. 
  3. Send them their ticket number.
  4. Print the code and display it at your event’s check-in table.
  5. Randomly generate the winner and call out the number. 
  6. The attendee simply shows their ticket number to collect the prize. 
  7. Bonus: Save money on ticket rolls!

And for a silent auction:

  1. Generate a Flowcode for the item’s bidding page.
  2. Allow people to enter their bid and monitor the status.
  3. They can simply reload the page to place a new bid.
  4. Send each winner a confirmation email and collect payment.

As a key element of many networking, company, and fundraising events, the raffle or silent auction can often be a cause of stress. Add in new concerns about social distancing, and it’s even more stressful. Use Flowcode to develop the process and provide contactless bidding and raffle solutions.

Ready to make your business cards stand out? 

Networking meetups and other professional events are filled with small pieces of paper, crowded queues, and barely-distanced contact. Make your event safer and more efficient with Flowcode: the perfect way to streamline check-in, level up your activities, and connect with others in a meaningful way!

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