Top 8 Ways to Use Flowcode QR Code Stickers in Your Marketing

March 30th, 2021 · 5 minute read

Who doesn’t love stickers? We know we do! Now, you can print your Flowcode QR Code stickers directly from — making it that much easier to get scans and increase your brand presence.

Need some ideas for how to use your new Flowcode stickers? We’ve compiled a list of how to use our various sizes, from our cute 2-inch circle stickers to our impactful 24-inch floor stickers.

Small Stickers (available in 2- and 3-inch diameters)

When you generate your Flowcode, you can order stickers right away. Choose from 2-inch circle stickers, 3-inch circle stickers, and 3-inch circle stickers with a scan prompt (a small call-to-action). Here are some great ideas on how to use your small Flowcode stickers:

Add them to your laptop or travel cup

If you’re like many on-the-go professionals, your laptop, travel mug, or insulated tumbler is covered with stickers. Why not add your Flowcode to the mix? It’s a great conversation starter and a perfect way to direct people to your landing page, website, or portfolio. 

Hand them out in swag bags

Running an event or promo? Toss some Flowcode stickers into your swag bag along with your branded goodies. This tactic works best with people who are likely to be your “ambassadors.” Make sure the Flowcode leads somewhere your audience will want to share, such as their personal referral page. 

Place them by your checkout

Everyone loves free stickers. And because you can print them affordably, the benefits of word-of-mouth advertising often outweigh the costs. Create a Flowcode for your homepage or e-commerce site, then print stickers to hand out at the register. Your loyal customers will love the opportunity to promote your business!

Wall Stickers 

Have you been pasting your Flowcode into a Word documents to print and post on your walls? How tedious! Skip a step and order high-quality wall stickers that look better and are even easier to scan. These are available in 11.5- and 24-inch diameters. Read on for some great wall sticker ideas.

Create a check-in area

Want an Instagram-worthy spot in your store, restaurant, or venue? Create a beautiful Flowcode or Flogo, then print a wall sticker. Post it somewhere with good lighting and some interesting decor. Encourage people to take selfies there, then scan the Flowcode to instantly visit your social media and tag you.

Allow people to access your Wi-Fi

It’s not easy to locate a wireless network and painstakingly type in a strange password. Make it easier for your customers and guests with a Flowcode wall sticker that instantly connects them. Plus, it’s way more attractive than a plain poster with a name and password printed on it!

Provide navigational guidance 

If your building is large or you need to help people get around an event, create a virtual floor map or directory. Then, use your Flowcode wall stickers as navigation touchpoints. Visitors and attendees can then scan the Flowcodes to see their current position, nearby amenities and events, or schedule information.

Floor Stickers

Flowcodes on the floor? Absolutely! We offer durable, step-proof floor stickers in both 11.5- and 24-inch diameters. Here’s how you can add floor stickers to your business. 

Better social distancing

We’ve all seen the six-foot/two-meter floor markers by now, but why not make them fun? Create a Flowcode that leads to a branded video and/or other engaging content, and keep your visitors entertained while they wait in line.

More efficient queues

If customers are lined up to place orders, put your social-distancing floor stickers to good use. Allow people to access a digital menu, pre-order items, or even pay in advance. Then, once they’re at the front of the queue, they’re ready to check out and go. 

Tips and Tricks for Better Sticker Marketing

Invest in a beautiful design for your Flowcode stickers. Our easy Flowcode generator makes it simple to add your logo and custom colors. If you want something even more spectacular, our illustrators can create a stunning, artist-designed Flowcode that people will love to use to decorate their belongings. 

Print at an appropriate size. Our two-inch circle stickers are great for close-range scanning, while our 24-inch wall stickers can be scanned from up to 20 feet away. Figure out the average distance for your Flowcode. For example, Wi-Fi wall stickers may need to be printed larger than selfie area wall stickers.

Duplicate your Flowcode for better tracking. If you’re already using print Flowcodes to drive traffic to a certain destination, duplicate that code for sticker use. This way, you can track scans separately, which gives you a better idea of how well your sticker marketing campaign is performing! 

To get started with Flowcode sticker marketing, simply create a Flowcode in your Flowcode dashboard. Then, click “Shop Stickers.” Or, scroll down to choose the type of sticker you want and click “Buy.” You can then securely place your order, enjoy bulk pricing, and get ready to witness the power of Flowcode stickers! 

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