5 Ways to Use QR Codes for Hotels and AirBnBs

March 9th, 2021 · 5 minute read

When people stay in a hotel or AirBnB, a lot of things must happen. They need to check-in, get their room key or access code, order food, and connect to the Wi-Fi. Ideally, hoteliers and AirBnB hosts collect feedback from their guests as well. The staples of a hospitality experience (room service menus, cleaning service requests, etc.) are being reevaluated due to the pandemic. Now is the perfect time to see how Flowcode's QR codes can provide better service for guests — and fix some of the industry’s most common problems.

Here are the top 5 ways to leverage dynamic QR codes like Flowcode for your hotel or AirBnB’s needs.

How Do I Create a QR Codes for a Visitor?

Creating QR codes for your visitors couldn't be easier. Whether you want to collect feedback or show them the best spots in town, Flowcode QR codes help you quickly create something to make your visitors' experience a seamless one.

1. Use QR Codes to Collect Guest Feedback.

You could leave it up to chance that your guests will review your hotel or AirBnB…or you could send them right to the rating page with Flowcode. Generate a code for your Google My Business page or Yelp listing, or create your own survey for Google Forms or a similar service. 

2. Use QR Codes to Show Guests How to Use the Facilities.

We’ve all been in AirBnBs or hotels with quirks, such as hidden light switches or smart-house systems. Many hotels also have new features and amenities that have a bit of learning curve. Reduce confusion and maximize your guests’ satisfaction with quick demo videos. For example, you can show them how to adjust the lighting or use the hot tub. 

Post your video to YouTube, Vimeo or any video platform, then generate a Flowcode for it. Print the code alongside basic instruction and post it in an appropriate place in your room or house.

3. Use QR Codes to Create a Digital Room Service Menu.

Placing a print menu in the room and making guests pick up the phone to order is so 2007. Digital menus are easily updated, more sanitary, and allow guests to quickly place the correct order. Whether you switch to an online ordering system or a simple webpage with your menu, Flowcode makes it convenient for people to access it.

Are you hosting an AirBnB? Enhance your guest’s experience by providing local recommendations. For example, if you know which pizza joints deliver late or want to highlight which eateries are a short walk away, make a simple Flowpage with quick links for your guests. Post the Flowcode in the kitchen or dining area and watch your ratings rise.

4. Use QR Codes to Make it Easy to Get in Touch With You.

Of course guests will have questions and concerns about everything, from extra towels to pool hours to the Wi-Fi password to who can deliver a late-night pizza to their room. And many of them will need your address and phone number, whether they’re calling for late arrival or trying to request an Uber after a night out. Unfortunately, Google is not always reliable. 

To lead guests right to your contact information, simply create a webpage with your essential details. Generate a Flowcode and print it right on your keycards. (For AirBnBs, print a keychain for the key.) This way, if guests need to reach you quickly or look up the address, they can do so with a quick scan of their smartphone. 

5. Use QR Codes to Allow Guests to Connect to the Wi-Fi.

Absolutely no one enjoys scrolling through an endless list of available networks, then typing in a long password. Your hotel or AirBnB’s Wi-Fi is definitely a selling point. Make connecting to it a breeze with a Flowcode that instantly connects a guest to the network. Print the Flowcode on a card or poster that you can place in each room. 

To generate your Flowcode, simply identify your SSID (usually the name of your network) and the password. Enter these into Flowcode’s Wi-Fi code generator, and you’ll have a code you can download in moments. You can even configure a hidden network so that only your guests can access the network. 

The primary benefit of Flowcode for the lodging industry is that they make things easier and more accurate. Guests have a lot on their minds: they’re traveling, adjusting to new surroundings, and trying to coordinate a bunch of logistics. The more convenient you can make their experience, the more likely you are to get good ratings — and return guests! Plus, they help people access instructions that can prevent amenities misuse and therefore costly repairs. Flowcode allows you to instantly give your guests the information they need in a faster, cleaner way.

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