Top 10 Ways to Use QR Codes on Product Packaging

May 5th, 2021 · 8 minute read


You may have seen various QR Codes on print media such as flyers, posters, business cards, or even receipts. Today, brands are discovering the potential of Flowcode to enhance product packaging. 

Your product packaging has to pull triple duty -- it has to describe the product in a way that will encourage customers to buy it, provide legally required information such as ingredients and nutrition facts, and express your brand. Here are the top ten best ways to use Flowcode on your product packaging to drive sales, boost customer engagement, and encourage brand loyalty.

How to use Flowcode QR codes on product packaging:

1. Use QR codes to show customers how to use your product

A big barrier to customers making a purchase is when they can’t envision how they would use the product. This is especially true if your product isn’t something they typically encounter. Consumers will always gravitate toward the simplest option. 

Unfortunately, product packaging typically doesn’t have the space for you to print a how-to guide or show sample uses of the product. Flowcode offers a convenient way for consumers to access an instructional video or a website that gives them more information about the product. 

2. Use QR codes to share your company’s story

Research shows that younger consumers are value-based shoppers. They gravitate toward brands that have a compelling story and demonstrate a commitment to sustainability and inclusivity.  

You can use Flowcode to provide digital content that younger generations will appreciate. For example, you could use a Flowcode to drive shoppers to a landing page that showcases your company’s charitable giving. Your food packaging could feature a Flowcode that shows the customer a short documentary about the farm that produced the ingredients. This tactic can enhance the shopping experience and provide easy access to your company’s story in an unobtrusive way. 

3. Use QR codes to provide social proof

Make no mistake, consumers regularly check review sites such as Yelp and Amazon to see if your product does what it promises. If they’re in a brick-and-mortar store examining your product, they likely have their smartphone out to look up reviews before they head to the checkout.

Why not guide the conversation? Create a Flowcode that leads to a landing page with verified endorsements and other forms of social proof and print it prominently on your packaging. If you have good reviews on your Facebook or Yelp page, use a Flowcode to send customers there. Customers have their smartphone already in hand: Take advantage of that. 

4. Use QR codes to list product information

Under new FDA regulations for food products, you’re required to list nutrition facts and detailed ingredient information on your product packaging. That can take up a lot of real estate. Crowd your packaging with too much information, and you may lose the customer. 

If you need or want to list other product information, such as detailed ingredient lists or assembly instructions, a Flowcode is a great way to do it. 

5. Use QR codes to upsell your customers

Upselling can be challenging in a real-world purchase scenario where you are not present. Customers may not think to visit your website and buy more of your products. Depending on how your product is distributed, you might not even have all your options stocked in the store that the customer frequents. What if you could provide a personalized shopping experience in the real world — then drive the customer to your e-commerce site to discover more options?

Print a Flowcode on your product packaging that leads customers to a landing page that highlights related or complementary products. If your product is a gadget, health and fitness item, or something else that tends to be used alongside other products, a Flowcode is a great way to encourage customers to keep shopping with your company.

6. Use QR codes to personalize the customer experience

People who regularly shop online are used to having an ultra-personalized shopping experience. They see products recommended to them based on their previous purchases. Their real-world shopping experience should be no different.

Put the “custom” in “customer” and use Flowcode to send consumers to a personalized shopping portal. In this way, the codes can offer a customized experience that makes customers feel special and encourages them to keep shopping with your company. 

7. Use QR codes to garner consumer reviews

Many shoppers are passive: They’ll buy the product and enjoy it, yet take no extra steps to share or review it. This unfortunate tendency is largely due to the inconvenience of logging on and making the effort to engage with your brand. What if you could make it easy for them? 

Flowcode offers a way for consumers to easily access these pages. Eliminating that initial hurdle is the first step to encouraging your customers to share and review your product. Get creative with Flowcode used for this purpose: Incentivize customers to engage by offering a referral discount or free swag. You can use a special tracking URL in your code to be able to identify and reward these engaged consumers. 

8. Use QR codes to boost your content

You probably know that blogs, videos, e-books, and other high-value content are great ways to drive search engine traffic to your website. Why stop there? Get your customers engaged with your brand by funneling them toward these resources. With an inbound marketing approach, you prioritize existing customers and encourage them to engage with your content. This strategy builds customer loyalty and boosts word-of-mouth advertising. 

Naturally, Flowcode is a way to drive traffic directly to your content rather than relying upon search. Consider printing a code to a relevant how-to article, worksheet PDF, or video on your product packaging. This tactic helps establish your brand authority and makes the consumer feel like you have something of value to offer.

9. Use QR codes to provide supplemental content

As we’ve mentioned, you can use Flowcode to send consumers to instructions, product information, ingredient lists, and other relevant content. Don’t forget to toss something fun into the mix! You can give your customers ideas about how to best incorporate the product into their lives, such as recipes they can use it in or life hacks they can try it with.

Be clever with supplemental content. When possible, make it a bit of a mystery: Print different codes on different units of the same product so that customers are urged to “collect them all.” You can even make the codes the only way to view the content (post them on a no-index webpage), so that your customers feel like they’ve got exclusive, VIP access.

10. Use QR codes to promote your charitable giving

Are you one of the many companies that give back to your community? Perhaps you donate proceeds of each purchase to a nonprofit, or you’re using your platform to collect donations for a special cause. If you’ve got a charity drive or other fundraising activity going on, it can be challenging to promote that in coordination with your regular advertising. As always, Flowcode is here to help.

Because Flowcode looks different and attract consumer attention, they’re an excellent means of capturing customers’ interest for a charity campaign. Post the code prominently on your product packaging with a strong call-to-action. You can configure your code to lead to your crowdfunding page or a video explaining the campaign, or better yet, straight to a giving link.

It's time to elevate your product packaging!

For all these uses of Flowcode on product packaging, be sure to clearly identify what the customer should expect when they scan the code. Avoid crowding the code with other design elements or lots of text. Remember, the point of Flowcode is to promote convenience for the customer and encourage them to visit your digital destination — and that means they have to trust that the code will do what they want it to do!

To get started with incorporating codes into your product packaging, build codes for free at! You can quickly and easily generate hi-res Flowcodes to print on your packaging, then keep them organized in a convenient dashboard. Visit to begin taking your product packaging to the next level!


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