The Easiest Way to Scan a QR Code

July 8th, 2021 · 2 minute read

QR codes once required a dedicated app to scan them, which created a small yet inconvenient hurdle for users and reduced their accessibility. Luckily, phone software has now integrated QR scanning capabilities into their camera apps, and it’s easier than ever for users to connect to landing pages when they scan a QR code.

How do I scan a QR code with my phone?

Whether you’re an android or iPhone user, all you need to do is open your phone’s camera app and follow these steps to be taken to the QR code's landing page:  


1. Open the camera app and ensure the rear-facing camera is selected. 

2. Point the camera from an appropriate distance at the QR code. 

3. Click the URL banner that appears at the top of the screen to connect to the link. 


1. Open the camera app and point the rear camera at the QR code.

2. A website URL should quickly appear on the screen. 

3. Click the URL to be taken to the destination. 

Other tips for scanning QR codes

If these quick steps don’t work, you may need to update your phone’s software. Also, check to make sure you have service and whether or not you’re holding your phone too close or too far. 

Some phones have other features to enable easy access to QR codes. For instance, Apple allows iPhone users to add Code Scanner to their Control Center via the Settings app. 

Users rarely encounter problems and are generally able to scan a QR code through their camera app in the blink of an eye, but some users also may need to enable QR code scanning in their camera settings. 

We hope this straightforward guide has answered any questions users might have! For more information on the many limitless uses of QR codes and how to create your own QR code, explore Flowcode. Flowcodes are customizable QR codes with lightning-fast scan speeds that allow people and businesses to connect offline audiences with online experiences.

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