The Best Tool for Back to School - QR Codes

August 10th, 2021 · 5 minute read

Students and educators have become increasingly reliant on technology in all aspects of the learning experience. As students begin to return to schools, it’s more important than ever for educators to bridge the gap between the classroom and digital world and create new ways for students to connect with their academic and extracurricular activities. QR codes are helping with that connection.

How do I create a QR code for my school?

Creating a QR code for your school takes less than 60 seconds. Yup, it's that easy. But why? Because you can connect offline and online learning experiences. Here are 5 more reasons why you should use QR codes for education.

1. QR codes are fast and easy to use

QR codes are universally recognized as a seamless way to transition between offline and online and can be scanned in an instant using a phone camera. Creating your own on is just as easy, and in just 60 seconds you’ll have a dynamic QR code with the option to its landing page at any time.

Plus, with Flowcode Pro you can generate unlimited codes to connect your students with all your resources and information. Flowcode Pro also features exclusive tools like bulk code creation, so you can save valuable time by generating up to 50 codes at a time.

2. QR codes easily allows students to make new connections

One reigning feature of Flowcode is our ability to guide people’s digital journeys. Even the most digitally savvy students are inundated with information overload — which sometimes leads to them choosing their own adventure rather than sticking to approved online resources. By providing a Flowcode, you drive them toward a single destination and help students reach common ground and enhance their learning.

Utilizing Flowpage, our landing page generator that is optimized for mobile viewing, is the perfect tool to connect your QR code to multiple destinations. Flowpage bring all of your links under the banner of a single, streamlined landing page and can be easily created and updated.

For example, you can create a Flowpage that directs students to Facebook peer groups, expanded lesson information, educational videos, and extracurricular activities. Using Flowcode and Flowpage can give students new ways to connect with each other and their studies. With your Flowcode Pro account, you have access to 10 Flowpages.

3. QR codes bridge the gap between print and digital

Flowcodes can be used throughout schools to make the most out of printed materials. For example, lunch menus could include QR codes that link students to nutritional information about their meals, enabling them to make health-conscious decisions based on their dietary needs or restrictions. Use Flowcode to help connect students to special events or extra-curricular activities by printing it on promotional materials to boost participation. Students can then scan the QR code on a poster and be directed to a page to learn more, buy tickets or even add the event to their phone calendars.

Flowcodes are also easily customizable and offer a wide range of design options, so you can customize a Flowcode’s design to match the theme or aesthetic of the event.

4. QR codes minimize the use of paper

For environmentally-conscious educators wanting to reduce unnecessary waste, it can be challenging to find ways to cut down on the use of paper when it’s seemingly necessary for worksheets, quizzes, and more.

An easy solution to this problem is placing a Flowcode at the end of a PowerPoint. Students can instantly scan it to access the quiz or worksheet, which you can host on a digital platform such as Google Suite. Reducing your use of paper is not only better for the environment, but it also can help lighten the load on your school’s limited budget.

Send students to any digital destination Flowcode is remarkably flexible. Download and copy your Flowcode into your digital lecture slides, print it on handouts, or simply post it on the wall. Some popular use cases include:

  • Have students view instructions or helpful videos as they work on an assignment.
  • Allow them to access a digital survey or quiz on their mobile devices.
  • Collect votes or responses from students for a question or poll during your lecture.
  • Highlight student achievements by posting a Flowcode on the wall that leads to a student portfolio or profile. Change the destination every week.
  • If students need to log in to their portals or access restricted online sources (e.g., the university library), you can post a Flowcode prominently around your classroom and on school materials to make it convenient for students to get to them.

Flowcodes are easy for educators to create and can be updated an unlimited number of times to fit the classroom’s ever-changing needs. A Flowcode is even easier for students to scan and connect with the resources they need to succeed.

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