Attention Marketers: Here’s How QR Codes Can Upgrade Your Next Direct Mailer

February 3rd, 2021 · 6 minute read

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Did you know that nearly 3/4 of Americans prefer to receive direct mail? That's because they can look at it when they want, as opposed to email where they run the risk of losing an email in a crowded inbox. If you want people to visit your digital channels to meet your marketing goals, you need a way to easily funnel people from real-world advertising. QR codes are the perfect solution. Here’s how to incorporate Flowcode QR codes into your next direct mail campaign. 

Can you send direct mail with a QR code?

Yes! In fact, there are so many benefits of using direct mail with QR codes.

Direct mail has an open rate of 90%, compared to just 20-20% of emails*. Plus, recipients are 15% more likely to respond, even if they’ve done business with you. That means that direct mail marketing is an ideal way to reach new audiences, potentially with a much better ROI than email marketing. 

Perhaps it’s psychological: having a tangible reminder of your brand makes them more likely to respond to your pitch. It’s harder to ignore a postcard or brochure lying on one’s coffee table, while consumers can instantly delete a marketing email. In any case, you still want to make it simple for them to take action.

That’s where Flowcode QR codes comes in. Compared to regular QR codes, Flowcode is custom designed, ultra-fast scanning, dynamic, privacy compliant, and secure. When combined with direct mail’s other benefits, you can encourage quick conversions at a higher response rate. Indeed, a combination of digital and direct mail marketing can help you achieve an amazing 40% conversion rate. 

How QR codes can make direct mail more effective:  

Even if direct mail performs well, people are busy and impatient. The gap between someone receiving your mailer and taking a moment to contact you can be immense. During that time, you might just lose them for good. The more you can close that gap, the better results you will get. 

Also, we live in a digital age. Younger generations don’t even like to make phone calls. They want to access an online form or chatbot and instantly get results. By using Flowcode to connect your digital portal to your direct mailer, you can create a compelling funnel: (a) receive mail (b) scan code (c) get results. 

Another benefit of Flowcode is that you control the buyer’s journey. Let’s say that your recipient gets your direct mailer and sets it on their coffee table. When they’re ready, they type your name into Google or Facebook. What happens if you have a competitor with a similar name? Or if another business comes up first in search results? 

Flowcode allows you to guide prospects to your funnel with a simple scan of the code. There’s no confusion, no gap in which your prospects could fall sway to a competitor — just a streamlined way to nab people’s attention and drive them toward your business!

Ideas for QR codes in direct mail campaigns:

With Flowcode, the sky’s the limit. You can instantly generate phone calls, direct people to signup forms, get them to watch a video, and so on. Here are some great ways to incorporate Flowcode into your direct mail campaigns:

1. Use QR codes to drive customers to your e-commerce site

For decades, direct mail marketing focused on catalogs, and for good reason: 60% of recipients reach out to the company after receiving their catalog. There’s something about a physical showcase of enticing products that makes people want to buy!

Make it easy for your customers to shop with you: Include a Flowcode on your direct mail pieces. You can include a Flowcode for featured products in your catalog, or simply direct people to your site with a promotional offer. (Hint: discount codes are excellent ways to nab new customers.) 

2. Use QR codes to get people to register for an event

If you’ve ever promoted an event, you’ve known the pain of sending out thousands of invites — only to get a 10% RSVP rate. Get better results with direct mail combined with a Flowcode for event registration. When people see event invites physically in front of them, they’re more likely to act. It’s science!

3. Use QR codes to distribute a discount code

A discount code is an excellent way to convert new customers (or reward loyal ones!) Try offering a discount code through your direct mail campaign. When a customer scans the code, they can apply the discount directly to your e-commerce site or save the code to their phone for an in-person visit. 

4. QR code printing and design tips

If you’re using a Flowcode in a direct mail marketing campaign, ensure that the code stands out in the design. Make your Flowcode prominent so your customers take notice and actually scan it. Too small of codes usually end up unnoticed or unscannable.

If printing on small to medium sized merchandise (ex: business cards or flyers), codes should be at least 1x1 inch. If uncertain, rather be cautious and print the Flowcode bigger. But how big exactly? Practice scanning with your ideal print size and go from there. Remember that the smaller you make it, the closer customers will have to get.

When printing a Flowcode QR code, two things are also crucial - education and call-to-action (CTA).

Our data shows a Flowcode with a CTA has a much greater chance of being scanned as you are telling them what to expect when they scan. 

Education can either be included in your chosen code design or close to the code. The 3 steps of education are: 1. open your phone's camera, 2. aim it at the Flowcode, 3. and tap the banner.

Sounds like obvious advice we know, but before you finalize how you apply your Flowcode design, please test it. Scan it, ensure it goes where you want it to. Good news, is you can always change the scan destination. It’s also recommended that you do a test print and scan your code. Both to ensure you have the contrast scan correct, but more importantly to check it takes you to the correct link.

Remember, direct mailers tend to have a higher conversion rate because they sit around recipients’ homes until they either take action or throw them away. Make it clear what your recipients will get when they scan your code, then let their curiosity lead the way!

Flowcode is an excellent way to link your real-world advertising campaigns to a digital sales funnel. By making it simple for your audience to take action, you can nurture more leads down your funnel — and ultimately reap yet more benefits from this highly effective form of marketing!

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