Fan Relationship Management: 5 Ways Musicians can use QR Codes to Connect with Fans

April 22nd, 2022 · 4 minute read

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“Fan Relationship Management” (FRM) is a term you’ll be hearing more and more in the entertainment industry. The definition is simple: the ability to strengthen engagement through seamlessly connecting audiences to digital channels.

The landscape for how musicians engage with their fans is shifting. And it’s shifting fast. Relying solely on concert ticket sales and streaming service clicks is no longer a sustainable driver of engagement or sales. In fact, as we progress into the era of Web3, musicians need to harness technologies that bridge the gap from the offline to online world — and Flowcode can help.

Below we’ll break down 5 ways musicians can use Flowcode QR codes to improve their FRM to drive fan engagement, manage relationships with an audience, and increase loyalty.

How do I keep my fans engaged?

Keeping your fans engaged comes down to one main word: effort. How easy is it for your fans to connect to your content? From merchandise and ticket sales to new projects and social channels, it’s essential that your fans can effortlessly connect to your work. Here’s how Flowcode QR codes can help:

1. QR Codes can double your merch sales

Merchandise can be a massive driver of sales to your online store. Giving fans a quick and easy way to access your shopping experience is key to driving up engagement. Considering that 64% of U.S. consumers have scanned a QR code at an event or stadium, it’s essential for the codes to be visible on tour, in your physical programming, and wherever you’re promoting your work in the physical world.

Flowcode witnessed a 2x stronger click-through rate to merchandise stores where Flowcode QR codes were incorporated into venues for performing artists.

2. QR codes can drive loyalty programs

In-person concerts and events are still one of the biggest drivers to connect with fans. While there are a growing number of digital channels where you can interact with fans like Twitch, Discord, Reddit, and many others, nothing can change the fact that in-person events build a stronger connection to fans. As we progress further into digital worlds, in-person events like concerts will remain an essential part of connectivity.

In-person concerts can be a powerful driver of loyalty programs. Fans are moved by your music, so use it as an opportunity to connect them to your other digital channels. QR codes can provide an instant connection to giveaways, raffles, and other programs that drive loyalty and engagement.

3. QR codes can create token merch experiences

Flowcode QR codes are frequently used as vessels to effortlessly connect fans to NFTs. What was traditionally difficult technology for fans and musicians to harness is now seamless. Flowcode provides musicians the fastest way to connect and distribute NFTs.

But don’t just trust our word for it — the proof is in the facts. At a recent Kevin Gates concert, at Red Rocks Amphitheater, they gave fans access to 416 NFTs via scanning a Flowcode QR code that was on stage. Within minutes, there were nearly 3,000 scans from the crowd and all NFTs were minted.

These interactive experiences at concerts are getting more popular by the day. Providing fans with both an offline and online experience is a way not only to build excitement and engagement, but loyalty too.


4. QR codes can be used when advertising your music

Promoting new music or a tour through in-person advertisements and billboards? Incorporating QR codes into the marketing materials is a must. Whether you’re driving to your online shop, ticket seller, or streaming service, QR codes are the tool to utilize for instant connection.

5. QR codes can collect contact information

Remember that NFT placement at the concert we just mentioned above? Well, it was also an amazing tactic to collect contact information. In fact, thousands of emails were collected from eager fans ready for the next drop.

Whether you’re promoting artist merch or NFTs, QR codes are the quickest way to collect contact information for fans that are looking for new methods and avenues to show their support.

Ready to take your Fan Relationship Management to the next stage?

In order to strengthen your Fan Relationship Management it’s essential to have a way to connect fans to all of the channels that represent your brand as a musician. From loyalty programs and NFTs to contact collection and merch sales, QR codes can be utilized as the bridge to every connectivity tool you offer.

Ready to make your own in 60 seconds? Let’s go.

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