4 Ways QR Codes Can Be Used for Your Yoga or Dance Studio

August 11th, 2021 · 4 minute read

At your yoga or dance studio, your primary goal is to keep your students engaged and coming back for more. You likely also have a small staff, which means that anything you can do to streamline your operations is important for your bottom line. Here’s how QR codes can help you promote and run your yoga or dance studio.

How do I Create a QR Code for a Program?

Using QR codes for your classes is a seamless experience, and can build loyalty among customers in a variety of ways. From streamlines operations to engagement opportunities, here are some ways you can use QR codes for your programs.

1. QR Codes Provide Better Marketing

Flowcode is the latest innovation in QR codes. Unlike regular QR codes, which typically go to a website, Flowcode can send people to any social media channel, generate an email or text, or even play a song. That makes them quite versatile for a creative marketing campaign.

If you have a dance or yoga studio, you have remarkable visuals that can entice new customers. One of the primary aversions to new customers is their concern over what to expect. Rather than limiting yourself to beautiful photos of your students, why not post a Flowcode that links to a video from one of your classes? Include the Flowcode on flyers, business cards, or even your studio’s facade. When prospective students can easily see what classes at your studio might be like, they’re more likely to sign up. 

2. QR Codes Provide Streamlined Studio Operation

If you have a small staff, having lots of students check-in and pay at once can be hectic. Use Flowcode to allow a “self-service” model. You can post a Flowcode that links to an online payment portal or class check-in page. Alternatively, you can send students a unique Flowcode that your staff can scan to check them into the studio. These options are also better for contactless operations.

Flowcode also makes it easier for instructors to manage their classes. Many dance and yoga studios have shared spaces, so you could post a Flowcode in each room that allows each teacher to access a shared playlist or check-in portal. Students can also scan a Flowcode to access studio safety protocols, rules, class registration portals, etc.

3. QR Codes Let you Create Easy Promotional Campaigns

Your students are your greatest source of potential advertising. Encourage them to share photos and videos of themselves at the studio. The key is to get them to tag your business on social media. You can make it easier for them by posting a Flowcode that takes them straight to your Instagram, for example. 

Because Flowcode can also lead to emails, text messages, and phone calls, they’re a great way to generate leads in your print advertising campaigns. Include Flowcode on your print materials with your contact information. People can scan the codes to instantly inquire about classes or book an appointment. Remember, the easier that you can make it for them, the more likely they are to contact you.

4. Fun Engagement Opportunities 

The best yoga and dance studios have a strong base of regular students and instructors. Cultivate a feeling of community by running a Student of the Week or Teacher of the Week program. You can post a Flowcode that links to a video of each week’s winner. Because you can update a Flowcode’s destination at any time, you can print and post the Flowcode once, then rotate through winners as needed. 

You can also run a Pose of the Week and link a QR code to a demonstration video. Flowcode can also sign students up for your mailing list or SMS subscription for studio updates. People are more likely to stay engaged with the studio if they feel deeply connected to it.

Ready to Use QR Codes for Your Activities?

Flowcode offers the flexibility and ease to run creative marketing and promotional campaigns, as well as streamline your studio operations. They make it easy to keep students connected and engaged with your studio. Best of all, they’re incredibly affordable and easy to customize to your needs.

To get started, visit Flowcode.com. You’ll get 5 free Flowcodes to start, plus the option to organize them in a personalized dashboard. You can adjust the destinations of any of these codes, even after they’re generated. Head on over to Flowcode.com to power up your studio today. 

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