How QR Codes Can Help with Fundraising Efforts

December 13th, 2021 · 6 minute read


There is no better way to end the year than to give back! The secret to successful giving is to make it absolutely painless for your supporters to donate. Most people make giving decisions quickly, so it’s crucial to give them a clear path to donation. That's where QR codes come into play.

Flowcode QR codes are the perfect way to do this. Here’s how to leverage your online and offline channels to support virtual giving this holiday season.

How Do I Create a QR Code for a Fundraiser?

In the fundraising world it's common to see QR codes. Because of their ability to quickly link donors with products or services they're often used for auctions, fundraising letters, and so much more. Creating them couldn't be easier — in fact, you can make one in less than 60 seconds. Read on to see more common questions and what else you can do with QR codes.

How Do You Use QR Codes for Donations?

While QR codes have been around for years and provided an easy way for people to visit websites, COVID-19 has accelerated QR code usage in the U.S., with scan behavior becoming natural.

Fundraising campaigns can easily tap into the power of code-scanning. Your campaign may have several digital channels, such as a digital fundraising letter, a YouTube video explaining your mission, or your giving portal. But you can also add an offline component, you can create a Flowcode for each of your relevant pages and print it on your direct mailers, posters, and other print media. (We’ll talk more about where to publish your Flowcode in a moment.) 

Of course, you aren’t limited to basic websites. One chief benefit of Flowcode as compared to basic QR codes is that you can also link directly to a giving app. If your campaign is permitted to receive donations through Venmo, for example, create a Flowcode for your Venmo username, and your supporters can scan the code to auto-generate a payment to you. (They still have to confirm the payment, but the less work for them, the more likely they are to donate!) You can even set a predetermined giving amount in your Venmo Flowcode. 

Are you accepting donations through phone calls? You can generate a Flowcode that instantly calls your number. Again, the fewer steps or hurdles between your supporter and the donation itself, the better success your campaign will achieve. 

Where to Publish Your QR Code

One of the biggest hurdles to giving is that people will learn about a campaign, feel emotionally invested or inspired to give, then lose momentum as they search for a way to give to the cause. With Flowcode QR codes, you can tap into their emotions and encourage them to take action at the very moment they encounter your message.

With that in mind, always use Flowcode in a way that saves your supporters time and eliminates confusion. As a rule of thumb, your Flowcode should follow directly from the message that accompanies them. This means that your fundraising Flowcode should be clearly identified. Remember, most people are still accustomed to QR codes that only go to websites, so no one should be surprised if they scan your code and their phone tries to place a call.

Here are some ideas for using Flowcode on campaign materials:

  • Posters: Clearly express your message. What is your campaign about and why is it important? Keep the copy concise, make the design compelling, and then print a Flowcode on the poster to direct them to a video with more information. This way, you can nurture them down the giving funnel. 
  • Flyers: You have a bit more space here, so give your audience the details. For what cause is the campaign raising funds? When does it end? Who benefits? How much should people give? You can assume people will spend a bit more time looking at a flyer than a poster, so they’ll be primed to give after reading it. Go ahead and include a Flowcode to your giving destination.
  • Direct mailers: Assume that people will be scanning direct mail pieces, so as with a poster, keep your message short. You can then use a Flowcode to send people to a digital fundraising letter or video that further entices them to give. 
  • Displays at events or venues: While people are immersed in your space or event, give them an overview of your campaign. You may be giving a presentation or pitching the campaign at checkout, depending on the situation. Then, post the Flowcode prominently around the space. You can send supporters to a phone call, giving portal, or Venmo page. 

Why QR Codes Makes Fundraising Easier

Flowcode QR codes make it extremely easy for people to give to your campaign. There’s no need to wait for them to look up your website, find your phone number, or navigate to your giving portal on their own time. Imagine all that could happen in-between hearing your message and sitting down to donate. You could be losing supporters who get distracted or change their mind before they get to the point of giving. 

By making it a spur-of-the-moment action, you tap into people’s excitement or passion after they hear your pitch. Use emotional language with a compelling story, and express how easy it is to support your campaign. Then, prove it — with a Flowcode that makes it simple to donate right then and there.

Plus, when you use Flowcode, people can be sure that they’re giving to the right campaign. Even though your supporters are heading to a predetermined destination, they will often feel more control over and confidence in the situation when they use Flowcode — which, in turn, makes them more likely to give. 

As a bonus, Flowcode follows advanced security and data privacy standards that protect your supporters as they visit your sites. No one has to worry about their privacy being compromised when they support your campaign!

Because Flowcode is instant, secure, flexible, and easily printed on a range of media, they’re the perfect way to encourage donations. With a combination of targeted messaging and painless giving through Flowcode, you can encourage your supporters to take action. It’s the simplest way to get your audience excited about your campaign and generate more donations — fast.

Want to create and customize a Flowcode for your campaign? Visit our Events Page to learn more about how Flowcode works and how to get started!

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