Political Fundraising? Here Are 5 Ways to Raise Money

April 26th, 2022 · 4 minute read

political fundraising

With elections approaching, your political fundraising efforts should be in full swing. In order to be successful, campaigns need to rely on massive amounts of funds. Finding a way to streamline the connection between donors and campaigns is of the utmost importance. In this piece, we will look at unique actions you can take to raise more money.

But first, let’s start with the basics.

What is political fundraising?

Political fundraising, also known as campaign funding, is when candidates for political office raise money to demonstrate their support while covering the costs of campaigning. When people support your candidacy, they’ll often be willing to pitch in what they can to help you spread your message to rally more voters to your cause.

Your fundraising strategy will directly influence how much money you end up with. Unfortunately, many traditional fundraising methods have become played out (emailing to ask for donations) or are inaccessible to everyone (fancy dinners that cost thousands of dollars per plate).

Let’s explore some creative ways to revamp your fundraising efforts this campaign season.

1. Create unique QR codes that take users directly to your donation page

Not too many people carry cash around with them these days, and when you have a campaign rally or event, you’re in the company of people who are more likely to contribute to your campaign.

People can instantly make digital donations if you put a QR code on a poster at your merch table, near the stage, or somewhere where you know people can see and scan it. Instead of forcing people to follow multiple steps, the QR code can take them directly to the payment platform.

2. Sell merch. Lots of it.

Merchandise can help your campaign in two ways:

  • You can put the profits toward your political fundraising efforts.
  • The people who purchase and use your merch become walking billboards for your campaign.

T-shirts, water bottles, stickers, and more are incredibly effective at raising awareness and money at the same time. For bonus points, print a QR code that takes people to your donation page or campaign website on your branded swag or the tags. The name of the game is instant connection. In a fast-paced campaign you need to maximize any technology that can instantly bring a donor to a campaign site.

3. Use social media

Social media makes it easier than ever to connect with people who support your campaign efforts. Instagram even has a story sticker that takes users directly to a payment portal to make donations.

You can promote your posts on social media and encourage your followers to share your content with their followers to spread your message. You can also start a donation train by having people post your fundraising platform on their social media accounts and tagging “X” number of friends to donate too.

4. Build a team that always wants to fundraise

If you have good fundraising skills, it’s important to share them with other people on your team — regardless of if they work directly on the fundraising side. Anyone working on a campaign, whether they’re in IT or community organizing, should have the skills to identify and capitalize on fundraising opportunities. Ensure there’s a clear knowledge transfer across departments so everyone can identify chances to bring in funds for the campaign.

5. Use QR codes to keep messaging concise

If you’re going to pass out fliers or send mailers, you want to keep your printed message tight, so people aren’t overwhelmed with walls of text. We know you have plenty to say, but that’s why you have a website.

Instead of printing everything you want your potential supporters to know about you, you can include a QR code that takes them to a link tree that allows them to make a donation, see your upcoming events, or read more about what you plan to do when in office.

You’ll save money on ink and put the power into the voters’ hands.

Ready to design a unique QR code to simplify your political fundraising efforts? Get started with Flowcode today.

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