Planning a modern wedding? Here are 5 tips to help

April 13th, 2022 · 4 minute read

modern wedding

Oh yes, it’s wedding season. Maybe you enjoy the elegant, clean style, or maybe you’re a fanatic for all things trendy and fresh, or maybe you just want to be able to tell your wedding photos apart from your mother’s.

Whatever your inspiration for a modern wedding, we’ve got you covered with ideas to make your special day a modern matrimonial masterpiece, from invitations all the way to table spreads.

5 tips for planning your modern wedding

A modern couple calls for a modern wedding! From innovative stationary ideas to forward thinking attire, we put together five big tips for your wedding.

1. Modern Attire

One of the most unique and memorable ways to create a modern aesthetic at your wedding is through the attire, both for yourself and your bridesmaids.

Minimalistic wedding dresses capture the understated elegance that makes modern design. For some thought-starters on this style of gowns, you can check out a list of examples here.

If you want to add some variation, you may also consider a mismatched bridal party, where each bridesmaid outfits themselves in a different dress. Plus, there are numerous ways to play with this idea, whether you let bridal party pick their own dresses or suggest a style prompt to guide their choices!

2. QR codes on stationary

The stationery is the first impression of your wedding style for your guests, so it’s the perfect opportunity to set the tone for the event. Nothing says modern like convenience, so you may want to consider inserting a QR code on your stationary. Afterall, you can create one for free in under 60 seconds. Flowcode QR codes enable guests to RSVP instantly as well as access to your wedding website and wedding schedule from their smartphones, simplifying the process for all.


3. Décor

As with your dress choice and stationery, simplicity in décor is key to creating a modern feel in the wedding atmosphere.

A monochromatic color pallet, such as green, can burst against an otherwise all-white color scheme to establish a simple, unified visual theme. In the same spirit, you may also replace bright, colorful florals with solid greenery to create a literal sense of freshness.

When it comes to an altar backdrop, tables, and venue, bare can also better for achieving contemporary style. Don’t be afraid of clean lines or negative space! Then, consider small details, such as candlelight or black metal cutlery, as a means of introducing a touch of modern.

4. Personalization is key

Modern weddings have found new ways to incorporate personalization into the actual wedding events. For instance, you may hire a live painter to capture scenes and guests from the wedding in beautiful, hand-crafted keepsakes!

Some weddings also feature an opportunity to donate to a cause important to the couple. If interested in this option, check out how Flowcodes can be placed seamlessly around the venue to allow guests to contribute to these funds.

5. Food and beverage

Modern weddings provide an opportunity to debut new trends in dining, whether for food or beverage.

Specially crafted appetizers featuring bold flavor combinations and wine pairings will surely please the contemporary foodie. You can also get creative with the cocktails, offering trendy takes on infusions, custom creations, and garnishes.

Want to simplify the ordering process? Flowcode can help with easy-to-use QR code menus.

Your special day, the modern way

With its elegant allure and refined style, a modern wedding will leave you and your guests with tasteful memories of your happy day.

See how Flocode’s wedding services can help alleviate the wedding-coordination stress to let you focus on the fun and the love!

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