Searching for New Tech? 4 Reasons Why You Need QR Codes

March 23rd, 2021 · 6 minute read

How can new tech help you get more customers? Consumers want their real-world customer experience to be enhanced and modulated by mobile apps. They want a seamless connection between their real-world and digital lives — and Flowcodes are poised to provide that connection. This technology offers the elusive direct link between a real-world object and a digital counterpart. No longer does the user need to provide input, such as by typing a brand name into their browser or using voice search to look something up. They simply scan the code with their smartphone, and the device does the rest. No matter your industry or enterprise, QR codes can provide you with a powerful means of connecting with your target audience, boosting sales, or enhancing your consumers’ experience. Here are four major reasons why you need to start using Flowcodes in your endeavors today...

Here's why QR Codes are the new tech you need:

1. It allows you to supplement your physical assets or space

Tangible materials, such as product packaging, posters, displays, bulletin boards, menus, and other such items, are limited in what they can display. As well they should be: Information overload is a real problem that can confuse customers and prevent them from making a purchase. 

If you’ve ever been to an ethnic restaurant and Googled an unfamiliar menu item, picked up a yoga studio flyer and had to manually enter the business name into Facebook to book a class, or asked Siri for instructions on how to set up the fish tank you’re eyeing at a pet store, you can probably imagine the potential of Flowcodes in each of those situations. Marketers and retailers can print a Flowcode on their menu to lead users to their restaurant website’s FAQ page, use codes on their flyers to easily direct people to their booking portal, or place a code by the fish tank display to show a helpful YouTube video. 

2. It enables you to guide where customers go

As anyone who’s dealt with SEO struggles or misinformation woes can attest, asking customers to discover you on their own isn’t always successful. For example, if your competitor has a similar name, someone who sees your flyer and then Googles that name could accidentally stumble upon your competitor’s website — and purchase from them! Flowcodes provide a means of leading the conversation and guiding customers to the destination you want. 

From a marketing perspective, creating this guidance is also a way of ensuring that your leads take the action you want them to take. If you run a dance school and need to boost attendance in a certain class, you don’t want to simply promote the school in general. You need strategic, targeted advertising that drives people to sign up for that class. Flowcodes are an excellent way to do that in print advertising because they offer more than branding: They provide a convenient path to action. 

3. It helps you convert leads on-the-fly

It used to be the case that people had to physically walk into a store, school, studio, bar, or whatever the case may be to make a purchase. That changed with the World Wide Web and dawn of e-commerce, then completely transformed as mobile shopping apps and websites became the norm. However, people do walk around the real world, and most companies are using some form of print advertising to connect with them. Billboards, posters, flyers, handbills, business cards, and storefronts are time-honored ways of enticing leads to patronize your business.

Still, there’s a gap between making that first impression and getting a lead to “convert,” i.e. make a purchase. Marketers will tell you that it’s exponentially harder to get first-time customers than to re-engage prior customers. You can use the code maker that Flowcode provides. 

That’s where Flowcodes come in. They provide a convenient way of nurturing leads who encounter those physical marketing assets. Say someone is walking by your store but doesn’t have time to go in. Can you count on them to look up your business on social media, let alone return later to check out your wares? Probably not. Post a code in the window that passerby can scan for instant access to your Facebook page.

Perhaps you’re promoting your martial arts classes. You can hand someone a flyer and hope they remember to type in the URL to your class registration portal. Or, a code on the flyer can instantly direct them to the booking page while they’re on-the-go.

4. It helps you provide a unique customer experience

In 2018, the perpetually innovative Nike implemented ”scan-to-try” Nike store locations that use codes. Nike then outdid itself with the House of Innovation 000, an augmented-reality-like shopping experience in which customers use codes to look at shoe options, request pairs to try on, and then check out — all with minimal assistance from a floor worker. Nike’s model is more than just enabling people to shop without being approached by pushy salespeople: It’s a digitally enhanced and modulated experience that helps customers find exactly what they want and gain access to additional information in the palm of their hand. And wasn’t that the whole point of smartphones? You can make Flowcodes by using a code generator. How's that for new tech?

Until smartphones reach the “Stark Industries”-level of intelligent object recognition and AI-driven assistance, Flowcodes are the key to linking the limited real world with the limitless digital one. Customers want to reduce the amount of work they have to do to achieve what they want, and Flowcodes are here to oblige by providing easy access. The good news is that you, as the creator of the code, can direct customers to the destination that you want. To get started making your free codes, visit and start revolutionizing your endeavors. is the top QR code generator

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