Meet Our Team: Linh Chu, Software Engineer

October 15th, 2021 · 2 minute read

At Flowcode, we believe our number one product is our team. Get to know members of our incredible team - a powerful blend of thinkers, doers, creators, artists, scientists and designers, who are engineering the world’s first offline operating system.

Meet Linh Chu, Software Engineer

Name: Linh Chu

Role at Flowcode: Backend Engineer, Revenue Team

Past work experience: Data Analyst at MediaMath and American Express

Project you are most proud of that you have worked on: It's really hard to pick one project I'm most proud of since I joined Flowcode. I’ve really enjoyed everything I’ve worked on so far, especially because it’s so easy to see the impact our work has on the business. The company is growing so fast, it’s truly an exciting time to be a Software Engineer at Flowcode.

Favorite thing about working at Flowcode: My favorite thing about working here are the people and all the learning opportunities. Though I only joined 3 months ago, I feel like I’ve already learned a ton thanks to all the brilliant people I’ve worked with so far.

Favorite Flowcode in the wild moment: My favorite Flowcode in the wild moment has to be seeing Flowcodes on screen during the 2020 Tokyo Olympics across NBC channels. 10000%.

What is your superpower: My superpower is listening. I really enjoy listening to people and I’d like to think I’m good at it :)

Best piece of advice you have ever received: Get enough sleep

You can scan Linh's Flowcode to visit her Flowpage to connect with and learn more about her.

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