Introducing: Nested Folders

June 29th, 2022 · 3 minute read

nested folders

Ready for a new feature? Nested folders are here! The journey of staying organized is a never ending one — and that certainly extends to how you manage your Flowcodes. Now, creators can easily organize all of their Flowcode QR codes into subfolders within folders. Quickly create a structure you see fit for your codes and seamlessly keep track of all your campaigns.

Let’s break down the feature more:

What are nested folders?

Remember those Russian dolls you had as a child? You know, the ones that can get stacked within each other? Well, if there was ever a childhood toy that could represent this feature release — it would be those.

Nested folders are a way to manage your codes on a more granular level, where you can quickly put subfolders within a main folder. Create subfolders within folders, move folders into existing folders to form subfolders, and create or move codes anywhere in a nested folder structure. This will allow for maintaining a flexible, multi-level structure with folders and subfolders. Did we say "folders" enough?

How many levels of folders can I have in a nested folder structure?

You can have up to five levels of folders within a nested structure. For example, if you wanted to have a folder structure where the hierarchy is based on geographic entities, you could have a structure that flows like this: USA (top-level folder/level 1) → New England (level 2) → Massachusetts (level 3) → Suffolk County (level 4) → Boston (level 5).

nested folders

Can you give me another example of how I could use nested folders for my codes?

Imagine you’re running one big marketing campaign in New York City. Your main folder could be “New York City Campaign”. Within the main folder, you may have subfolders for every part of the city you had codes up. For example, subfolders for SoHo, Times Square, and the Upper East Side.

But let’s take it one step deeper. Maybe you have campaigns running on billboards on certain streets in those neighborhoods. Add subfolders within each one of your neighborhood folders to keep track of the campaigns on Grand Street, W 46th street, or E 79th street. Make sense? It’s all about tracking your campaigns and keeping an eye on your unique codes.

Can you view analytics for a subfolder?

Yes, you can navigate to a subfolder within a nested folder structure and then click on “Folder Analytics” when viewing it to view the analytics for all codes within that subfolder. The data you see will be the aggregate for the folder or subfolder that you’re viewing so it will include the activity for all Flowcodes that are within that folder or subfolder – even for the Flowcodes that are in subfolders at lower levels within the nested structure.

Okay, enough questions — it’s time to get organized! Head to your account to begin managing your Flowcodes in folders. If you’re currently on a free account, upgrade to Flowcode Pro, Pro+, or Enterprise to get access to this feature!

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