Introducing: Enhanced QR Code Customization Features

May 17th, 2022 · 3 minute read

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Ready for a color pop? Because custom QR codes get 18% more engagement than standard black and white ones, it’s important you get the chance to make your codes and pages unique to your brand and personality.

Now, you can! Enhanced customization features are HERE. Get ready to access a range of new colors, text customizations, and logo placements.

Below we’ll break down new features that are ready for you, plus some common questions.

New HEX Colors

Why settle for a few colors when you can get access to the rainbow? That’s how our team felt, too — so we built a HEX color selector. Instead of just a few stock colors, you can now access hundreds of color variations.

Searching for your brand’s color? There’s an option for that. Need a color to match your marketing collateral? There’s a color for that, too.

You may be wondering, what can be customized? Hex colors will be available for your Flowcodes and Flowpages.

hex colors

Text Placement on Codes

Typically known as a CTA (Call to Action), adding text on the border of your code prompts scanners to take a specific action. Common CTAs on QR codes are:

  • “Scan me to learn more”

  • “Scan to sign up”

  • “Scan to shop now”

Now, you’ll be able to add any text to the top, bottom, or center of your code. What text will you add? The options are endless, and they’re guaranteed to get more engagement on your codes! Need some inspo? Make sure to check out our templates to get some great ideas.

hex colors

Image Editor in Codes

How do you add even more personality to your QR code? With more images! Standard QR codes are black and white, boxy and boring. Flowcodes are the exact opposite. Our codes have always allowed for any image to be placed into the center. Now, you can easily toggle the size of the image, and crop it to the dimensions of your code. Maybe you’ll add your brand’s logo or an image of an action you want a scanner to take. We’ll leave the decision up to you!

Who gets access to these features?

All users will be able to edit and crop the image in their Flowcodes. For enhanced customization of HEX colors and text placements, you’ll need either a Pro, Pro+, or Enterprise account.

Still on a free account but want access to more features? Upgrade to Flowcode Pro now!

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