How To Use QR Codes For Non-Profits and Fundraising

August 26th, 2021 · 3 minute read

Flowcode QR codes are a convenient and effective way to bridge the gap between the real world and online. Stores, restaurants, and brands are currently using Flowcode QR codes to connect their customers to products and online content and turn a profit. 

But QR codes can also be a powerful tool for nonprofit organizations to build relationships with and expand their audiences, spread awareness of their causes, and collect donations. 

According to a 2019 survey, 11% percent of nonprofits said their biggest challenge was donor cultivation, retention, and communications. Other significant challenges included finding volunteers and competing with local nonprofits for funds. Whether your nonprofit is new or well established, Flowcode QR codes can be used in various ways to target issues like these. 

QR codes at fundraising events and galas 🥂

Planning fundraising events and galas can be work-intensive and costly. Let’s explore some ways Flowcode can be integrated into these events to ensure they reach their full potential. 

It’s critical for nonprofits to communicate the impact they are making to their donors and volunteers. Failing to do so may impact donor and volunteer retention and revenue. By placing a Flowcode on tables and other highly visible areas, you can connect the attendees with detailed, expansive information demonstrating your organization’s successes and current efforts. 

A Flowcode can also directly link attendees to volunteer signup and donation pages. Flowcodes can be generated for free in under 60 seconds and scanned nearly instantaneously using a phone’s camera. Their design is also customizable and eye-catching, so attendees won’t miss it if they’re located anywhere with foot traffic. 

QR codes for marketing materials 🗞

Flowcodes can also be impactful when placed on marketing materials, such as mailers and brochures. Additionally, there are many ways they can be printed, such as stickers or table tents.

Integrating a Flowcode on your marketing material can allow your organization to increase awareness of your cause, build an engaged audience, increase donations, and more. For instance, nonprofits commonly use mailers for various reasons, but there is limited space to communicate your message and engage in a meaningful way. 

The quick addition of a Flowcode creates opportunities for continued engagement with the mailer’s recipients by linking them to your social media accounts, newsletters, blogs, and more, without them even having to type in a URL. This simple inclusion ensures that the mailer isn’t just a blip on someone’s radar, but a means to build sustainable and meaningful engagement. 

Flowcode also offers insightful data analytics, so your organization is not left in the dark, wondering which marketing materials people interact with most and which should be scrapped or refined. These analytics include detailed statistics about how many times a specific Flowcode has been scanned. When paired with Flowpage, you can see what content and how often people are interacting with your non-profit. Flowcode is also a dynamic QR code, meaning the scan destination can be changed at any time, so you’re not wasting time and resources creating and printing new QR codes

Nonprofit organizations span a seemingly infinite range of causes, areas, and interests. The work they do is essential and positively impacts individuals and communities. While nonprofits differ in their missions and goals, Flowcode is an effective tool for nonprofit organizations to spread awareness of their causes, and collect donations.

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