Create Donation Experiences with QR Codes on Giving Tuesday

November 22nd, 2021 · 3 minute read

Every year on Giving Tuesday, people from all around the world are encouraged to give back to their communities and the causes that matter to them. #GivingTuesday leverages the power of social media to share how you can join the movement, from donating to a local nonprofit, to volunteering to clean up your neighborhood. Now, QR codes can help with your giving.

While social media is an effective way to promote causes, things can easily get lost in an infinite stream of new tweets, posts, and videos. Activists and nonprofits can optimize exposure and create lasting engagement by using Flowcodes to link their offline causes to online resources. 

How do you get a QR code for donations?

QR codes can be created in 60 seconds and be used as a vessel to take anyone to a donation page. Let's break down more how QR codes can be used for your donation efforts.

QR codes for a cause 

Giving Tuesday has empowered previously unengaged audiences to do something for the good of the world. The movement is more than just a single person, cause, or day, though. 

Organizers and nonprofits can make an even more significant impact by integrating QR codes into their grassroots campaigns. Place Flowcodes on your print handouts and materials that direct people to more information about your cause, volunteer and newsletter signups, and donation collection pages.

Since Flowcodes are dynamic, meaning their scan destination can be updated at any time, you don’t have to waste resources creating and printing new QR codes. Your needs might change from day to day, and Flowcodes are designed to change with them. 

It can be difficult and even discouraging not to know whether you’re effectively communicating with your audience. Flowcode’s analytics let you see how people are responding to your messaging and make the decisions for your campaigns. 

Let’s explore some specific ideas for how Flowcodes can be used this Giving Tuesday: 

1. Feed the hungry
Your Flowcode links to directions to food donation banks, a website detailing specific current needs (like more fresh produce and healthier foods), or an online donation page. 

2. Help your neighbors:
Distribute leaflets throughout your neighborhood with a Flowcode that sends them to your contact information or a needs submission webpage. Find out if someone needs a hand cleaning their yard or with a chore, an idea to make the neighborhood safer, or anything that could have a positive impact in someone’s life. 

3. Virtual volunteering:
There are many ways people can get involved with a cause without ever leaving their homes. Use a Flowcode to link them to a webpage that tells them how they can make an impact by signing up to volunteer virtually. 

Ready to create your own QR codes?

There are tons of ways Flowcodes can be used this Giving Tuesday to bridge the gap between online and offline activism. Create your own Flowcode QR code in just 60 seconds that links to a cause that matters to you.   

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