How To Use QR Codes Effectively

May 31st, 2020 · 6 minute read

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Flowcode is revolutionizing the world of marketing and far exceeding the functionality of their ancestors, the static QR codes. Remember QR codes? You had to have a special app to scan them and they could only store limited amounts of information. Now, Flowcode can send your customers to your video channel, social media profile, or landing page, and they can instantly generate calls or emails to you or your business. And that’s just the tip of the iceberg. Here are the most beneficial ways to use Flowcode for your brand.

Wondering how businesses use QR codes?

1. Allowing contactless ordering and payment

One of the chief concerns for many businesses is how to keep both their customers and employees safe during the COVID-19 era. Touchless points-of-sale can be pricey, but the good news is that Flowcode offers small businesses an affordable way to implement contactless ordering and payment.

Here’s how it might work: Processors such as PayPal, Square, and Stripe allow you to accept payments quickly and securely. Simply post a Flowcode that links to your payment portal. You can use a similar setup to enable customers to place orders right from their smartphone. Consumers can use the payment information stored in their phone to instantly pay you for products and services, eliminating the need to hand you cash or a card. 

2. Streamline the checkout process

Big companies such as Starbucks have started using QR codes to accept payment, but you don’t need to have a huge budget to use Flowcode technology for your checkout process. Indeed, many companies are now offering buy-online-in-store-pickup or curbside pickup options, and Flowcode can help facilitate this process. Try allowing pre-orders through your online inventory system — even for in-store purchases — then have consumers scan a Flowcode to pick up their purchase.

Another idea is to use Flowcode at the back of the queue to allow preordering. Then, simply hand customers their purchases at the front of the queue. This also helps minimize contact among customers or between them and your staff. Plus, it speeds things up as customers can place and pick up their orders quickly.

3. Share information about your brand and products

If you’re like many marketers, you’ve learned the power of video content. More than 50 percent of consumers want to see videos from brands they care about. Flowcode provides a convenient way to drive traffic to your YouTube or Vimeo channel. You can use Flowcode to direct people to your general channel, or to specific videos that relate to something tangible people are seeing — from product displays to print ads to menu items.

Enhancing consumers’ real-world experience with digital content helps them feel more connected to your brand. Try including videos that take customers behind-the-scenes or show them how to use a product. They’ll appreciate the extra effort and are more likely to stay engaged, thereby driving up your stats and brand reputation.

4. Enhancing print ads and product packaging

You can add instant links to smaller printed materials as well. Print advertising is highly effective, but it can be hard to tell how many people decided to look you up because they saw your print ad. Using a Flowcode provides you with link analytics so that you can see how effective your print strategy is at generating leads.

Plus, you can drive conversions by making it super easy for people who see your flyer to register for your event, sign up for a discovery call, or whichever action you want them to take. As a rule of thumb, generate a Flowcode for any signup form, lead capture, or landing page you create. Then, easily add it to any print materials, from brochures to business cards to newspaper ads.

5. Generate leads from billboards and facades

For years, billboards, storefronts, and even graffiti have begged consumers to call a certain number. Needless to say, this style of advertising has had mixed results. Many consumers are simply too preoccupied to stop and call a number they see on a billboard, or they may be driving and forget the number before they can access their phone.

By printing a Flowcode on a billboard or other large display, you can help consumers instantly call or text your number (or send you an email). You eliminate the possibility that they mistype your contact information, thereby driving up your lead generation rate. 

6. Encourage re-stocking or subscriptions

A repeat customer is much easier to obtain than a first-time customer — but repeat customers are more likely to buy again if there’s a strong incentive to do so. Sixty percent of customers will switch to your competitor if they’re offering a better deal. To keep customers coming back, many companies are now offering subscriptions or “re-stock” discounts in which the first-time customer is retargeted for additional purchases.

To encourage customers to take advantage of these specials, print a Flowcode on your product packaging or on a thank-you card included in the package. By scanning the code, customers can easily start a subscription or make a re-stock order. Capturing their attention when they’re excited about their new purchase makes them much more likely to take advantage of such an offer.

7. Connect leads to your sales reps

As a rule of thumb, consumers are much less likely to reach out on their own to ask questions, especially if they think it might take up too much of their time. That leaves a lot of the work up to your sales reps — and if you’re a solopreneur, it’s even harder to constantly chase leads as you’re trying to run your business. Indeed, 61 percent of marketers say that lead generation is their primary challenge. 

Flowcode can help. By configuring a Flowcode to instantly generate a call, text, or email to you, you can make it easy and convenient to contact you. Post the Flowcode on your business card, flyers, anywhere that potential leads could see it. You can even print it as a sticker for your laptop or coffee mug, so that wherever you go, you carry your Flowcode with you.

Ready to use QR codes to drive growth?

Flowcode is versatile enough that your small business can use them in your sales, marketing, and customer service. They’re highly affordable — usually free — and flexible, so that you can implement them whenever you want to enhance your customers’ real-world experience. You can also use them to level up your cross-channel marketing strategy and drive more conversions.

Because Flowcode is FREE, you’re looking at a high return on investment. All you need to do to get started is head to and start making codes. Your first five are free, and you’ll get access to a personalized dashboard where you can organize your codes and edit their destinations. It’s a simple yet powerful investment in your business. Ready to get started? Visit

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