How to Print Your Flowcode QR Code Stickers

March 29th, 2021 · 2 minute read

Once you’ve created your custom Flowcode QR code, it’s time to share it with the world! In addition to printing your Flowcode on posters, packaging, and business cards, you can turn your Flowcode into beautiful stickers. They’re the perfect way to create branded swag that doubles as a marketing tool.

To print your very own Flowcode stickers, follow these steps:

Step 1. Create a new Flowcode or choose an existing Flowcode

Enter your scan destination and customize your code. Because you’re creating a sticker, we recommend that you choose a color that suits your brand. (If you want multiple color options, simply duplicate your code and change the color.)

Then, add your logo or a fun center image, or choose one of our pre-made templates. We have seasonal options so you can create Flowcode stickers for every occasion! You can also select one of our social media icon templates or a special cause-related theme.

Step 2. Choose your sticker style

You can access the print store from your Flowcode overview page by choosing “Shop Stickers.” We have several options:

  • Circle stickers: available in 2-inch and 3-inch diameters. Optional scan prompt / callout in 3-inch stickers
  • Wall stickers: available in 11.5-inch and 24-inch diameters
  • Floor stickers: available in 11.5-inch and 24-inch diameters

Select the size that makes the most sense for your scan destination and how you intend to distribute the stickers. Remember, our 24-inch wall stickers can be scanned from up to 20 feet away! The 2-inch circle stickers are perfect for handing out to customers to place on their laptops, travel mugs, etc.

Step 3. Choose your quantity.

We offer bulk pricing, so be sure to order enough stickers to have on hand for a while. If you need multiple codes printed, simply create a separate order for each set of stickers.

Then, simply fill in your address, choose your shipping speed, and submit your order!

Flowcode stickers are the perfect way to promote your campaigns and boost engagement in fun, new ways. All are printed on high-quality emulsion acrylic that is safe for surfaces that may get damp. Get started today at

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