How to Level Up Your Marketing with Flowcode QR Codes

March 19th, 2020 · 7 minute read

Remember QR codes, those blotchy squares that appeared on print materials? They’re back, and they’re becoming the ubiquitous technology that early adopters thought they would be. With their flexible configuration and easy, cheap generation, Flowcode provides a powerful link between the real world and the digital realm. Flowcode is more than simply a means of driving web traffic from print materials offering a unique opportunity to level up your marketing for better results. Let’s go over some potential use cases for Flowcode in your marketing strategy, as well as the best practices that lead to best results.

Going beyond a print-to-digital link

Despite the heavy emphasis on digital marketing, most companies are finding that their print assets still hold an important place. Older generations consume more print media than digital, and direct mail has proven results when it comes to conversion. Also, sales reps regularly use print assets in their pitches and presentations. In all these cases, Flowcode provides a means of accessing digital information that’s much more convenient than opening a device and typing in a URL.


Flowcode: an opportunity to enhance reality

Flowcode can now do more than lead users to a URL on the World Wide Web. Among other things, you can configure your code to access a social media profile, open an email app, or call a number. Advanced uses include connecting to a Wi-Fi network or sending a text message. For most marketers, though, being able to connect to a URL is sufficient. It’s up to you which URL you choose: landing pages, product listings, discount codes, online surveys, Google map locations, App Store links, you name it.

Most importantly, you can change where your QR codes point at any time. Previously, marketers focused on using codes for time-limited print assets such as event posters and newsletters. The potential to edit the destination at any time has transformed the Flowcode from something transient to something that’s more of an investment. You can literally place a code on a wall and have it take users to a new destination every day.

That’s where enhanced reality comes in. It can transform the user experience by offering convenient access to videos, apps, discounts, and exclusive content that enhances what customers encounter in the real world. Psychologically, Flowcode can better facilitate customers’ sense of trust and investment in a company by providing surprises, rewards, and feedback.

Show them supplemental video content

Movie theater marketers are facing an uphill battle against the convenience of streaming services and their original content. As box office sales slump, they’re looking for ways to encourage people to buy tickets. Video marketing has proven results, even for difficult target audience. So, movie theaters often print Flowcodes in strategic locations to show potential moviegoers a trailer for an upcoming film, followed by a strong call-to-action: “Buy tickets now!”

This tactic also works for brick-and-mortar retailers and merchandisers who want to demonstrate a product to prospective customers. You can’t assume that someone will Google “how to use Product X,” but if you place a code and compelling copy next to a product display, you can instantly direct customers to a video showing them how the product works.

Promote reorders and subscriptions

For products that need refilling or services better served on a subscription basis, Flowcode provides a convenient means of converting one-time customers into loyal ones. Needless to say, this tactic only works if you have physical access to customers or can send them a tangible product. That said, if your product is digital, it might be worth the cost to send a direct mail followup.

Here’s how this might work: You can print a Flowcode on product packaging, or include a thank-you or business card in the package (or hand it to the customer after their massage or whatever they purchase). The code can lead to a subscription signup, product page, or booking form to make re-purchase easy for the customer. 

Provide digital content to enhance the real world

Many museums, libraries, and other learning-based physical venues are using Flowcode to facilitate self-guided tours or provide an augmented-reality-like experience for learners. Print codes on merchandising displays or product packaging that leads customers to helpful how-to videos, interesting behind-the-scenes footage, or funny memes. You can change the destination at any time, so consider leading customers to a “quote of the day” or “this week’s featured product.”

Dozens of marketing studies have shown that increased engagement leads to increased conversion, which means more profits and better retention for you. Offering customers something that brightens their day, helps them use your product, or gives them knowledge is a highly effective tactic to create a positive impression of your brand. Plus, leads and customers who feel like a company is providing them with information and support are more likely to make purchases from that company.

Use Flowcode to provide a VIP experience

You can make such content more special by making it exclusive for those who access it. If you have a strong digital presence but want to get more people in your brick-and-mortar location, this tactic can be very effective. Leverage your influencer relationships to provide “VIP” content that people want to see. If you’re an event producer or pop-up vendor, you can offer exclusive content as a means of incentivizing event attendance or in-person purchases.

You can also offer exclusive discounts or promotions for people who access the code. This further incentivizes visits to and engagement with your physical location. Current research shows that consumers prefer a highly customized retail experience. Otherwise, they’re going to sit at home and order delivery from their phone. When they come into your store, they want personalized advice, assistance, and product recommendations. You can provide that with Flowcode, then reward them for appearing in-person.


Developing a QR-code marketing plan

If all this sounds overwhelming, don’t feel alone. Many marketers are just now scratching the surface of the potential that Flowcode has to offer. The key to transforming your strategy via Flowcode is to think about what you haven’t been able to achieve with print assets alone. Then, decide which digital destinations could be re-appropriated or created to serve those purposes.

Head on over to and start generating your Flowcode for free. You can configure them to lead to a URL, social media profile, email address, or phone number of your choice. Aim to create several codes that can be updated on a daily, weekly, monthly, or even yearly basis, as well as several codes that are linked to your current campaigns, promotions, or products. 

By leveraging Flowcode, you can level up your marketing to better connect with your target audience. Whether you’re simply providing a convenient link between the digital and physical realms, or offering content or services to enhance a real-world experience, using this technology can elevate your brand to a level of relevancy and connected that your customers expect in the year 2020. Don’t let them down: Start using Flowcode today!


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