3 Ways QR Codes Can Help Small Businesses Get Customers

October 13th, 2021 · 3 minute read

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Small business owners know how important it is to maintain a strong online presence, whether that means building lasting relationships with customers via social media and email campaigns or an e-store that allows customers to order a product or service from the comfort of their own homes. These efforts often require investing lots of time, energy, and money. Recently, business owners have been turning to QR codes

Businesses can use Flowcode QR codes to create connections between their offline, brick-and-mortar locations and their online offerings. From seamlessly sending customers to an online retail option to collecting payments or contact information, Flowcodes provide small businesses with endless ways to build strong relationships with clients and capitalize on their online presence. 

How do small businesses use QR codes?

From boosting giveaways to displaying codes in your store, here are a few ways small businesses can harness the power of QR codes to enhance the customer experience:

1. QR codes integrate into your marketing materials 

While a lot of advertising occurs online now, many small businesses still use printed marketing materials and outdoor ads to activate potential customers and raise brand awareness with local audiences. 

It can be challenging to create sustained engagement. Outdoor ads can be forgotten in a second, and mailers quickly end up in recycling bins without most recipients making an effort to complete a call to action. 

Including a Flowcode on printed promotional materials makes it easy for people to connect with your online experience with a quick scan, ensuring your marketing investments are cost-effective and memorable. 

With logo integration and lots of design options, Flowcodes can be customized to match your branding. Small businesses can also use advanced analytics to track which marketing is most effective and fine-tune their campaigns. 

2. Display QR codes in your store

Small businesses can display Flowcodes in their physical locations to give customers an offline-to-online shopping experience. 

Prompt customers to scan the Flowcode and send them to your social media accounts to keep up with any new products or sales or direct them to your e-store for an online shopping experience. 

The Flowcode store is your gateway to the best print options for any occasion, so you don’t have to settle for plain old printer paper. With built-to-last window clings, stickers, table tents, and more, you can proudly and effectively display your Flowcodes. 

3. Some QR codes have access premium features

While Flowcodes free offerings are great, Flowcode Pro was designed for small businesses with invaluable solutions to help you grow your business. 

The Pro plan gives businesses amazing features like advanced analytics, unlimited Flowcodes, 10 Flowpages, and a custom Flowcode designed in-house by our talented artists. 

Businesses can use the smart rules feature to set up custom conditions that send customers to different destinations depending on the time or day. Or you can take advantage of the bulk code creation tool to save time and create several Flowcodes at once. 

Upgrade to Pro to discover just how much QR codes can do for your business and generate Flowcodes that fully satisfy your needs. 

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