How Real Estate Agent Angela Swift Uses QR Codes for Her Business

June 2nd, 2021 · 6 minute read

Angela Swift from Greenwich, Connecticut of Compass Real Estate

Tell us a little bit about you and your business:

I’ve been a Greenwich resident for almost 30 years, and a Greenwich real estate agent for almost 20 years. I currently lead the Greenwich Lifestyle Team through Compass, and I absolutely love this town. I can go on and on about why I think this town is so great - the people, the diversity, the acceptance -  it’s the best little town. When I run on the beach in the mornings and I look across and see the skyline of NYC I think, “how did I become so blessed to live here?” All of this is to say that loving this town makes my job easy - I believe in the people and the community, and I’m always looking for new ways to make my business more efficient so that I can easily share everything this town has to offer with my clients.

Real Estate is very much focused on in-person interactions and experiences. What have you seen change over the past few years in terms of customer expectations as it relates to those interactions? 

Years ago I started seeing everything go digital, we all did. People started to do their real estate research online, in fact these days, 99.9% of people start online to get their information. Because of that, it is critical to have as much information at people’s fingertips as possible. I needed an easy way to share digital information with buyers in the real world, and COVID-19 definitely accelerated that to a whole new level. I’ve sold 55 houses since last March, and I can’t tell you how important it is for me to be able to easily share and disseminate information about Greenwich schools, activities, restaurants, and more. Flowcode QR codes allow you to have all that information right at your fingertips. The buyers of today, the next generation, want it yesterday. They don’t want to wait, they want it now. That’s where I see Flowcode really helping my business. 

How has Flowcode helped your business and what are some of the ways you are using Flowcode?

My most prominent use of Flowcode is at open houses for contactless check-in, and on my brochures so that buyers can access all of that tangible information they need. The ability to have that simple connection point - especially because everyone walks around with their phone - is particularly helpful at open houses. Understandably, nobody wants to touch anything these days, so having the option to share information by Flowcode on our brochures is a game-changer. I plan on integrating Flowcode into all aspects of my business so that all of my touch points are connected into one, seamless digital ecosystem.

What has been the most important piece of data that you have leveraged from the Flowcode platform?

Right now, the biggest thing for me is capturing CRM data. When someone scans one of my Flowcode QR codes, whether it’s an ad in Greenwich Magazine, or on one of my brochures, they are brought to my Flowpage which links out to my website, my listings, social media, and more. From there, I am able to capture their contact information, and they are dropped into my CRM. Once they’re in my CRM, they will typically become a client of mine in some capacity down the line.

In a business like yours with many different consumer touch points and marketing channels, how are you thinking through tying all of those pieces together with Flowcode?

It’s my goal for Flowcode to become synonymous with the Greenwich Lifestyle team, which is my team within Compass. When someone sees my Flowcode QR code, I want it to be as recognizable as the “Nike swoosh.” People will instantly recognize it, and more importantly, they'll know how to interact with it. I think that down the road, people won’t be looking for names, they will be looking for Flowcodes. Real Estate will become a Flowcode dominated industry and everything will be running off of the Flowcode platform. So the center of my business hub is my Flowcode, and then clients can scan to access all of the information I’ve curated. What is most exciting for me is the ability to capture what people interact with once they land on my Flowpage - are they interested in education? Are they interested in activities? Are they interested in volunteer work? As I gather more of this information, then I can start to cater my content to what I know people are actually interested in.

How has the pandemic changed how you think about your business, marketing, and connecting with consumers?

The pandemic has made me realize that firstly, nothing substitutes picking up the phone and saying hello and getting in touch with people. Human connection is so important. Secondly, we need new ways to connect with people - and Flowcode solves that. People are looking for new ways to interact. At night, after the kids are put to bed and the aimless TV goes on, we are all multi-tasking, and we’ve got our phones or our computers in front of us. This is the moment when people sit down and start to catch up on their to-do list. I want to be top of mind for buyers, and I need to provide the resources and information that people are looking for. My clients now know that they can scan my Flowcode and visit my Flowpage to find out all the little things they’re thinking about - who is playing at the town party? When do I have to register for day camp? Can I get a reservation at the hottest restaurant in town? Where should I get my husband’s birthday present? It’s important that my clients know that at the end of the day, if I can’t get to them, they can still get to me through Flowcode.

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