How QR Codes Can Level Up Out-of-Home Advertising

August 20th, 2021 · 3 minute read

There are hundreds of thousands of billboards spread across the United States used to advertise products and services. We drive and walk past them every day. While outdoor advertising has proven effective in promoting brands and drawing business, sometimes billboards and posters are forgotten moments after we pass them. 

Out-of-home encompasses many different mediums including, billboards, indoor and outdoor signage, ads on street furniture like bus shelters or benches, in transit areas like airports or train stations, and place-based ad media like you might see at a stadium or in the cinema.

Businesses can ensure their out-of-home ads aren’t out of sight and out of mind by integrating Flowcode QR codes into their designs and creating connected consumer experiences from the real world to the digital world. Flowcode is a simple, fast and easy tool that bridges the gap between offline and online, and instantly connect you to helpful and interactive information from your phone’s camera.. By integrating Flowcode into out-of-home advertisements, people can scan the QR code and be directed to product information, business websites, event details, and more. 

For instance, many restaurants use billboard ads along busy highways to attract hungry travelers. Restaurants can place a Flowcode on these ads and send potential customers to their location on Google Maps, a takeout ordering landing page, or even a PDF of their full menu. Flowcodes feature highly customizable designs and logo integration, so they can be personalized to match existing branding and marketing materials. 

The rise of e-commerce has presented challenges for many independent brick-and-mortar stores, which have seen profits dwindle as consumers opt for online shopping experiences. Many people would still prefer to support local stores but are unaware of their online presence. Brick-and mortar-stores can include a Flowcode on their outdoor advertisements to connect people to their online stores, special deals and sales, customer reward program sign-ups, and social media accounts. This allows stores to draw in potential customers and raise brand awareness in the real and digital world. 

Businesses and brands can also use Flowcode QR codes to track the effectiveness of their out-of-home advertising. With Flowcode’s detailed analytics, advertisers can track in real-time how many people have scanned the QR code and interacted with their digital content. This is especially true for businesses that pair their Flowcode with Flowpage, our mobile-first landing page experience that consumers to interact more deeply with your brand post-scan, while allowing you to track audience engagement.

It can be hard to tell how impactful one ad’s design or location is compared to another. Generating unique Flowcode QR codes for each ad gives businesses the ability to measure comparative analytics and zero in on their most effective promotional materials in order to make smarter and more cost-effective marketing decisions. 

Flowcode-enabled ads can help businesses and brands set themselves apart and create sustained engagement while connecting consumers to their products, services, and digital presence. For businesses looking for more than just a platform and want expanded features including dedicated client success support, API integration, multi-user access, design support and more, schedule a demo with the Flowcode team today.

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