How Flowcode is Revolutionizing the QR Code

September 7th, 2020 · 4 minute read

Yes, QR codes are back from the dead — but they’re still not robust enough for most marketers. In an age when a business’s digital presence crosses multiple channels, you need something that can provide a seamless link between a tangible item and any digital channel. That’s where Flowcode comes in.

Flowcode is a new form of QR code that can be instantly scanned to take users to any digital destination. They integrate fully into your business’s digital universe to help you build synergy among all your channels. 

The Evolution of Flowcode

When QR technology debuted in 1994, it was an exciting new technology for people who were frustrated by the limitations of UPCs. QR codes could store much more information and be scanned more quickly. Yet despite their continued use in inventory tracking systems, QR codes initially failed to catch on for public use. Prior to the 2010s, most people didn’t have smartphones, Most Marketers dropped their use of QR codes as quickly as they’d picked it up

When Snapchat started using QR codes to connect people on its social network, QR technology came back into the marketing world. But it wasn’t until 2017 that the iPhone camera could detect a QR code without a special app. That’s when QR codes

However, QR codes still had some drawbacks. You had to know the precise URL you wanted to enter, and most codes could only access websites. That left social media and the eternally popular email and SMS marketing in the dust. Plus, they couldn’t be altered after generating. If you made a mistake, you had to start over again.

In the past few years, Flowcode technology has solved these problems. Now, marketers can create a code that links consumers to any part of their digital sphere — and alter the destination at any time.

How Flowcode Promotes a Synergistic Strategy

Cross-channel marketing refers to how a brand’s message connects different channels, as well as how to funnel a user from one channel to another. As people increasingly expect to encounter brands on these different channels, it’s ever more important to provide a consistent, immersive experience to your audience.

Flowcode achieves something even higher than cross-channel synchronicity: they achieve synergy. By transcending boundaries between print and digital and among various channels, Flowcode marketers can provide their users with more than consistency. They provide them with convenience.

There’s no longer a need to funnel leads and customers through an unwieldy sales process. Imagine a world where a merchandising display does more than ask a customer to download a new music single. With QR codes, it can send a customer to a landing page. With Flowcode, it can take it a step further and have them listen to the song. 

Plus, you can save your business money on printing costs. Need to promote a weekly special? Skip the weekly poster printing and use a Flowcode that you can update every week. Want to raise the ROI on your advertising budget? Post a Flowcode on your billboard or facade to encourage more people to contact you. Flowcode can instantly generate calls, text messages, and emails. It’s up to you.

That’s the real brilliance of Flowcode technology: it’s fully customizable so that you can achieve true synergy among your various channels. You can design a funnel that takes your audience from a magazine ad to a social post to your e-commerce site — all the while boosting their engagement with their brand and nurturing their interest. Consumers prefer a convenient, customizable buying experience. Flowcode marketing supports this approach.

If you’re ready to elevate your brand and connect with your audience in a synergistic print–digital strategy, visit You can start creating a Flowcode to any digital destination for free, then organize them in a personalized dashboard. Get started now at

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