Here's Why Flowcode is the Best and Safest QR Code

November 11th, 2020 · 3 minute read

QR codes are over 25 years old. Let that sink in, they are older than Gen Z!

For the last two decades, many Americans viewed QR codes as outdated, and found them difficult to interact with as you previously needed an app to scan. However, because of COVID, the booming contactless economy, and now that scanning is as easy as opening the camera on your phone, QR codes are a must-have for many businesses and creators across real estate, retail, education, marketing, healthcare, hospitality and so many more industries.

So here's why Flowcode is the best QR code on the market today.


Our custom designed codes are hand crafted by our team of designers and beautifully merge branding and QR technology. Flowcode can incorporate any brand elements from your logo to your color palette, all while maintaining a 99.9% scan accuracy rate.  


Because we are always looking out for you, it is important for you to know that most QR codes are not privacy compliant. We take your data and privacy very seriously and Flowcode is the safest QR code on the market. We are CCPA compliant and abide by all privacy laws, both domestic and international.


All of our codes offer a ‘dynamic redirect’, which means you can print the codes once, and then update the scan destination or landing page on our back end at any time ...eliminating the need to recreate and print new codes. It's good for you, and good for the environment. Our codes never expire and offer unlimited scans.


Flowcode partners have seen a 19% higher scan rate than with a basic QR. If you plan to use your Flowcode on TV or in a digital video environment, we've seen 60% better overall performance with a Flowcode. Numbers talk!

Data & Analytics

Our Flowcode platform will help you understand brand engagement of your products and services by looking at scan rates and connection points on where, when and how consumers are seeing your brand.


In addition to the fastest scanning QR codes on the market, we also offer a fast loading, mobile enabled landing page called Flowpage, that is a no code platform anyone can edit and update.


Flowcode scans remarkably fast — at a mere 100 milliseconds. That’s literally less than the blink of an eye. Flowcode is also 5X faster than searching on Google or any search engine.


Whatever your needs are, you can create a Flowcode is here to help. Visit to get started.


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