Generate QR Codes to Connect with Your Audience

June 24th, 2021 · 3 minute read

If you’ve eaten at a restaurant, attended a movie or live event, or even just watched TV recently, chances are you’ve interacted with a QR code. QR codes can be easily scanned in a split second using your phone’s camera and offer businesses a simple way to provide their customers with information, such as menus, websites or socials.  

While it might be easy to discount QR codes as only a way to see a restaurant menu, businesses, brands, and anyone who wants to connect with their audience have found that QR codes are the easiest way to connect the real word with their online experiences.

Flowcode: Not Your Average QR Code

For people or businesses looking to connect with and build their audience, not all QR codes are created equally. Many QR codes have the same bland, monochromatic appearance and static existence. Flowcodes were created to address these issues and more. 

Flowcodes have customizable, aesthetically pleasing designs that can be tailored to fit the unique qualities of your target audience. While a traditional QR code might not even grab your audience’s attention, Flowcode’s eye-catching look is proven to be more effective for engagement. After all, how are you supposed to connect with your offline audience if your QR code goes unnoticed?

Flowcodes are dynamic, meaning the scan destination can be changed at any time, as many times as you like. You and your audience’s needs are ever-changing. Most QR codes put you in a static box, but Flowcodes are built to evolve alongside you and your audience, making stronger connections and creating new opportunities for growth in the process. 

Flowcodes also generate essential data that other QR codes lack. With Flowcode, you can see insightful analytics about what your audience is connecting with most. This data can be used to create a winning customer growth strategy. Without it, you might be missing opportunities to connect with your audience and zero in on their specific interests. 

Who’s your audience?

The word ‘audience’ means different things to different people. If you were to ask someone, “Who is your audience?,” you would get a wide variety of answers depending on their specific field or interests. For a restaurant owner, they would say their patrons. For a real estate agent, it would be home buyers and sellers. And for an influencer or celebrity, it would be their followers or fans. 

It’s a simple question with many answers. For those looking to connect with their unique audience, Flowcode is a simple product with limitless applications. If we were to detail all of the different ways Flowcodes could be used to foster and build your audience, you would be reading a book, not a blog post. 

Educators could use QR codes placed in textbooks or on their students’ desks to connect students to their current projects or assignments, more information on lesson topics and recent developments in their field of academia. Flowcodes could be placed around concert venues to connect their audiences to their social media or links to upcoming events. Retail stores could use Flowcodes on their products or at checkout to send customers to reward program signups, sweepstake contests and more. 

There are innumerable ways to use QR codes to connect with your audience. Flowcodes are built to adapt and evolve with your needs. Whoever and wherever you are, Flowcode will be there to create connections and optimize results.  

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