5 Fun Ways Your Salon Can Use QR Codes

July 6th, 2020 · 4 minute read

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A salon needs to be a special place for your customers. They’re investing time and money in their appearance, and many of them expect a fully personalized experience. Whether you offer hairstyling, manicures, tattoos, or massages, you need a way to keep your customers engaged — while continuing to promote your business. Flowcode QR codes are a versatile way to make your salon uniquely innovative. Here’s how.

How can I make my salon business successful?

1. QR codes enable contactless check-in and payment.

Even if you’re following sanitation protocols and other safety precautions in the COVID-19 era, it’s a good idea to minimize contact as much as possible. Flowcode are an excellent way to enable contactless booking and payment. Simply post a Flowcode that leads to your appointment check-in form or payment portal. Customers can easily scan it to pay you via Stripe or your preferred payment processor. 

2. QR codes drive traffic to your social media. 

Word-of-mouth advertising remains the most effective form of marketing for many businesses, and salons are no different. Your customers are eager to show off their new look. Make it easy for them to tag your business in their selfie by posting a Flowcode that leads to your Instagram or Facebook page. Incentivize them to do so by offering a small discount off their next appointment. 

3. QR codes showcase a particular artist.

Your aestheticians, tattoo artists, or massage therapists are your most valuable asset. Why not show them off to your customers? This tactic can help you upsell services to them, plus it boosts morale among your staff. Create a short video introduction for your featured staffer, then generate a Flowcode that patrons can scan to learn about them and book an appointment. Print the Flowcode on flyers, business cards, or in the waiting area. You could even offer an incentive to watch the video, such as a small discount. 

4. QR codes encourage customers to join your mailing list.

It can be challenging to get people to subscribe to your email or SMS list. Many consumers don’t want to take time out of their day to do so. Make it easier for them by posting a Flowcode that instantly generates a text to your SMS signup or leads to your opt-in page. Post it prominently in the checkout area or on receipts.

5. QR codes liven up the waiting area.

Magazines are so 2000. Post a Flowcode that links to some entertaining yet relevant content. For example, you could show customers informative videos, recommended options, or behind-the-scenes content. Here are some ideas:

  • the difference between types of massage 
  • the best haircut for your face shape 
  • how tattoos work 

Because you can change the destination of a Flowcode after you generate it, you can rotate through videos every week or even every day. Try structuring your video campaign to link into weekly specials.

Ready to improve your salon business?

Flowcode is versatile and flexible enough for a wide range of uses around your business. Each code has an unlimited number of scans, and you can update the destination at any time, multiple times. That makes Flowcode a powerful way to ramp up your marketing and keep your customers engaged and excited about your salon. 

To get started, visit flowcode.com and start creating codes. You’ll start with five codes for free, and you can get more for a nominal fee. Level up the safety and convenience of your salon; start making your Flowcode today.

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