QR Codes for Freelancers: 13 New Ways to Increase Revenue

January 6th, 2022 · 6 minute read

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Dear creatives, hustlers, consultants, developers, influencers, investors, brokers, entrepreneurs, or virtually anyone partaking in this gig economy. We see you...making money moves. And we’re here to help you keep the 💵 flowing. QR Codes can change how you run your world and we're here to help show you how. 

qr codes

How do you create a QR code in marketing?

Whether you're adding a QR code in your email signature or tossing a custom code as a watermark on your work, the application of QR codes in your marketing is as endless as your creativity. Let's breakdown 13 ways you can in incorporate QR codes into your marketing strategy and achieve flowlancer status. 

1. Use QR codes to upgrade your business card

Paper business cards and punch cards get lost and forgotten about. A plastic reusable one with a Flowcode that people can scan the QR Code or tap to instantly transfer your contact info is way more effective. You can even print a Flowcode sticker linking to your information and stick it on your phone or laptop. 

Why link to one page when you can link to many? A Flowpage is a mobile-optimized landing page where you can link off to multiple pages and track what users are clicking on. That way, when someone scans your business card, LinkedIn banner, or clicks the link in your email signature, they can navigate to multiple places and you can learn more about what they’re looking for.

2. Add a Flowpage to your email signature and LinkedIn banner

Always be promoting your brand, even when you’re not promoting your brand. Think of Flowpage as a digital business card. Make it easier for potential clients to get in touch, follow you on social media, or visit your site. 

3. Offer free downloadable content and templates

Create complimentary planning checklists, templates for journaling, infographics, travel itineraries, or anything that might be helpful for your target customers. Then include a CTA (Call To Action) with...you guessed it, a Flowcode. Link to a relevant offer or a Flowpage with other products and services they may also like. 

 4. Use a QR code on your merch

Swag or branded merch with a QR code is a great way to build brand awareness. Instead of just a logo or tagline, you can add a custom designed Flowcode to help quantify said brand awareness. Just log into the QR Code Generator at Flowcode and get started!

5. Use QR codes as watermarks on your work

Photographers can watermark free versions of their photography with Flowcodes that direct to the web page to purchase rights to the images. In 30 seconds using Flowcode's QR Code Generator you can make a code and embed it on top of any photo you like!

6. Use QR codes on your video content

Hosting a webinar or online event? QR codes can change how an event can be run. Add an offer to your event through Flowcode. Or design a virtual background that features a code for participants to scan anytime throughout the session. 

7. Make the most of press engagements 

Get creative with the ways you can make 15 minutes of fame last with a Flowcode. This is a great way to track the success of campaigns and PR investments. Simply add a QR Code or Flowpage to any media you do to start tar

A Peacock Flowcode on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon

8. Gift a client when you wrap up a project 

Send flowers, champagne, or whatever is appropriate. A nice gesture is a perfect opportunity to ask for a rating and review. Add a Flowcode with the link to the thank you card and see what happens. 

9. Receive Venmo payments from customers without cash

Whether it’s selling at a farmers market, street fair, receiving tips at a live music set, or any event with the opportunity to acquire new customers—don’t let an inability to accept card payments hold you back. Customers can scan a Flowcode to be led directly to your Venmo profile. 

10. Use QR codes to level up your portfolio

Portfolios showcase a glimpse of an overall project, but it’s difficult to communicate the thoughtful details and effort you put in. Include a Flowcode that scans to the full experience (especially if your work includes videos or animations that a PDF can’t do justice). Say there’s a big project you really want to land. Create a custom Flowpage with work examples relevant to that project in a matter of minutes. You can have various Flowpages at the ready for different types of work, i.e. beauty industry clients, home improvement, B2B, healthcare, and more. 

11. Use QR codes to send VIP clients a booklet with your coolest listings

What if a real estate professional sent out a booklet annually to their top clients that featured their most coveted homes, just before their lease was up (and linked them to the online listing with a Flowcode, of course).

12. Master the return of in-person events 

We don’t know who needs to read this but, don’t reprint marketing collateral for events every time there’s an edit or update to the content. Cardstock or table tent signs with Flowcodes that link to landing pages, brochures of your services, presentation decks, examples of your work, etc., can be reused, no matter how many edits you make. 

13. Own the success of your brand partnerships

Do you work with brands as an influencer or creator? Utilize Flowcode’s analytics to track the conversion rates of your content and the effectiveness of your campaigns all in one place. If you’re working with TikTok for example, you can use Flowcodes as stickers. So when promoting a product, followers can be directly linked to it. Or if there’s multiple products like in a haul video, for example, you can link to a Flowpage with all of the items in the haul. 

Flowlancers can upgrade to Flowcode Pro for unlimited QR code creations, advanced analytics, and a beautiful custom Flowcode that matches their brand. Learn more about Flowcode Pro here.

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