Flowcode's Top QR Code Trends for 2021

February 19th, 2021 · 5 minute read

2020 was a rough year, but one silver lining is that businesses innovated new digital solutions for their customers. From virtual consultations to curbside pickup to ultra-customizable shopping experiences, the digital shift accelerated at an unprecedented rate. 

Now, as people venture back out into the post-COVID world, everyone is still looking for the ease of virtual connection. QR technology is more important than ever as we navigate our worlds with as little contact as possible. But just because we’re not touching surfaces doesn’t mean brands can’t touch their customers in meaningful ways. Here are the latest trends in QR codes that are fueling exciting new development and powering Flowcode usage across the globe!

Contactless Orders, Payments, and Customer Service

Touch-free payments were already on the rise, with platforms such as Apple Pay and tap-and-go cards allowing consumers to pay with a wave of their phone or wallet. Unfortunately, many retailers, especially smaller mom-and-pop shops, have been unable to accept these options.

Flowcode is emerging as a flexible solution as shops can direct customers to hosted order forms, account management portals, checkout pages via Square or PayPal, and even the Venmo app! Small businesses are already embracing the technology: there has been a 20 percent increase in digital payments between June 2020 and February 2021. And this is an important benefit for unlocking the consumer potential of millennials, 70% of whom use mobile wallets for payment.

Improving Customer Service

Flowcode is also a simple way to provide customer service with minimal need for human interaction. Combined with automated assistants and chatbots, it makes it easy for customers to access help with a wave of their phone. Rather than having people wait in line and speak to someone in-person, retailers can post a Flowcode linking to the service portal. Bots can answer frequently asked questions, freeing up staff to focus on the customers who need the most help. (Plus, Flowcode promotes social distancing.)

Making Restaurants Safer

Going contactless is especially important for restaurants. Many eateries are also limited to al fresco and reservation-only dining. Flowcode is an excellent way to allow people to book tables, order food, and pay with minimal contact. In an industry where regular business is crucial to survival, Flowcode is becoming a lifeline for restaurants. 

Many restaurants also link their Flowcode to a Flowpage, our mobile-first landing page experience to organize their online menu options, social profiles, delivery options, hours of operation, contact info and so much more. Going contactless through Flowcode is the innovative new way to handle consumer needs.

Contactless Check-Ins

Hospitality is where Flowcode really shines. According to experts, being able to check-in contactlessly is a major selling point in an industry that suffered tremendously when lockdowns began. 

Even beyond COVID precautions, QR codes are helping hotels and AirBnBs provide a more seamless, convenient experience for their guests. It’s now super easy to create a Flowcode to allow someone instant WI-Fi access or to obtain the key code for an Airbnb. Flowcode is also a great way to collect responses to a guest survey, provide instructions for the unit, or enable guests to contact the host/hotel manager with a simple scan.

Colorful, Branded Flowcode Technology

One problem with classic QR codes is that they were just so…ugly. The blotchy black-and-white images often marred poster and flyer designs, or they just had no indication of which brand they represented.

Flowcode is different — and much better. You can now create QR codes with your brand’s colors and even your logo in the middle. This makes Flowcode visually appealing and a natural, engaging part of your marketing. And with the ability to change a Flowcode’s destination after printing, businesses need only generate their beautiful, branded logo. Then, it can drive traffic wherever they desire, from tiny business cards to digitally enhanced storefronts to massive billboards! 

Augmented Reality

Augmented reality is the hot new way to imagine furniture, paint colors, and makeup, and other products the way they will look in your life. Flowcode is the best way to encourage consumers to try out AR in the buying experience. As an easy link between the physical and digital worlds, upon scanning, your customers can imagine what their lives would look like with your product — which, psychologically, is crucial to driving sales!

Vogue Business highlights the power of Flowcode in creating AR experiences, especially for retail. “QR codes, often the conduit to AR experiences, can be designed to match a company’s aesthetic, making them more appealing to luxury brands, says Jim Norton, chief revenue officer of Flowcode, which creates dynamic QR codes for JLo Beauty, Beautycounter and Supergoop.”

QR codes are here to stay, and Flowcode is the feature-rich, ultra-customizable version that can suit all your marketing and customer service needs. As we move further into 2021 and help consumers navigate the post-COVID world, Flowcode is essential to bridging the gap between the physical and digital realms. Now is the perfect time to incorporate Flowcode into your strategy!

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