Dining Sourcebook Powered by Flowcode Lands in Aspen

December 17th, 2020 · 3 minute read

Restaurant guides are reinvented this year with Flowcode QR codes!

After we teamed up with the Sourcebook team to produce the first-ever interactive restaurant guide in Nantucket in the summer of 2020 to much success, the Sourcebook is heading West to Aspen leading up to their critical winter season.

Sourcebook is in the business of helping resort communities evolve during these uncertain times by unlocking digital trends in destinations we love. This Sourcebook is built through a strategic partnership with Flowcode in an effort to easily bring consumers offline to online. Flowcode is the fastest, easiest, and most fun way for consumers to connect directly with businesses. This printed guide gives visitors real-time information on all things dining in a virtually, contactless way.

Just this past summer in Nantucket, Flowcode changed the way visitors dined and researched restaurants. Many believed this technology saved Nantucket restaurants during the critical summer dining season. This restaurant guide is in a class of its own, no similar dining guide is currently in-market.

Aspen Advocacy

The Aspen Sourcebook is co-branded in partnership with “Radical Relief Fund” while adding local Aspen advocacy from residents Nicky Byrne and Katherine Sands, two community building members who believe in giving for the greater good. The restaurant “round up” was written by Amanda Rae Busch, Aspen’s local, award-winning journalist and editor of the “The Aspen Cookbook”. Amanda also featured the Aspen Dining Sourcebook in her column for the Aspen Times Weekly. 

The Secret to Living is Giving

This 100% inclusive restaurant Sourcebook will also be raising awareness for many local Aspen charities. The gift of Flowcode technology will be given to five non-profit organizations in the community who will be published in the guide to help fundraising efforts during a year where they will be re-imaging event and support strategy, organizations include: Aspen Hope Center, Aspen Educational Foundation, Aspen Family Connections, Call to Unite, Radical Relief Fund

The Dining Sourcebook was created at no cost to any of the businesses thanks to contributions from our launch partners. Because of their generosity, we are also able to make this book complimentary.


Sourcebook is proud to partner with direct connection platform, Flowcode to showcase how print and digital can seamlessly come together. Flowcode is the next generation of QR codes. Privacy compliant, ultra-fast scanning, and designed with intention, Flowcode is the number one trusted QR provider. Offering friction free contactless solutions from the safety of your phone, Flowcode instantly connects the offline world to the online world. 

Why Now?

Now, more than ever, there is the unknown, where to eat, when and how - restaurants are eager to create safe, contactless connections with diners at scale. If you flip through this guide, you will get just that.

Through one scan, a consumer will be connected directly to the restaurant's digital destinations and restaurants can keep the Flowcode for all menu and marketing materials throughout the season. With so much unknown about restaurant openings and closings, the Flowcodes all Aspen restaurants to give real-time information about ways they are staying alive this season, whether it’s takeout/delivery options or new menu’s the Flowcode will give the diner all up to date information this winter season!


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