Customized QR Codes For Your Business

July 1st, 2021 · 2 minute read

Businesses ranging from retail to real estate to restaurants have begun to use QR codes to connect with customers in new ways. Their growing presence in these spaces makes sense: As consumers’ habits shift and evolve, QR codes offer a seamless way for customers to transition between their offline and online worlds. 

However, not every type of QR code will successfully encourage customer interaction. The basic, black and white QR codes people are used to are no rival for Flowcodes. Flowcode QR codes are dynamic and customizable, and even allow businesses to integrate their logo into the design. 

Why Your Business Needs Flowcode QR Codes

Businesses spend time and money on branding and carefully consider how these choices impact their bottom lines and customer experience. Flowcodes were designed with this in mind and can be tailored to fit a business’s specific aesthetic and personality. 

After choosing between many options of patterns, colors, and themes, businesses can upload their logo as the Flowcode’s center image. The process is quick and easy, with the result being a QR code with a logo that coheres to their branding and can be proudly displayed across products and locations. 

If a business cannot settle on a design they feel is exactly right or would rather leave the customization to someone else, Flowcode Pro offers a solution with artist-designed codes. These are crafted by our in-house design team. Businesses can also upgrade to Flowcode Enterprise, which offers unlimited Flowcodes, dedicated client success support, and more great features. 

After the design process is complete, businesses can use Flowcodes featuring their logos in whatever way they see fit, whether that’s linking customers to sales and events or e-stores. Flowcodes were built to change with a business’s needs, and the landing page can be changed at any time, as many times as is needed. 

So what are you waiting for? Get started designing a Flowcode with your business’s logo today. 

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