Best QR Code for TV, CTV and Digital Video is FlowcodeTV

August 16th, 2021 · 3 minute read

Flowcode QR codes have proven themselves as an invaluable way to seamlessly connect the real world and digital realms. From restaurants to product packaging to printed marketing materials, you can find them being used everywhere to connect audiences to digital experiences with a quick scan from a phone's camera. But did you know that Flowcode QR codes can also scan from a TV screen? Introducing FlowcodeTV.

FlowcodeTV - Best QR Code for TV, CTV, OTT & Digital Video

FlowcodeTV is the industry leading QR platform for TV, CTV and digital video, featuring custom-branded, performance driven QR codes designed for screens. Our proprietary QR code designs ensure maximum scanability on any screen. Flowcode's next generation QR technology captures offline-to-online engagement, driving real-time metrics and attribution, and providing insightful analytics on audience interactions.

FlowcodeTV has been approved to run on over 55 networks and channels and is the preferred QR partner for Turner Sports, Good Morning America, Sinclair and dozens more. FlowcodeTV provides networks and advertisers with our dedicated client success team that works with you every step of the way to maximize impact.

Here's how it works:

DESIGN: To start, Flowcode’s in-house design team creates a Flowcode QR code that matches your brand, instead of the black and white look of traditional QR codes. This is not only important because we know how deeply you care about your brand aesthetic but also because Flowcodes perform 60% better than standard QR codes on TV

DEVELOP: Our team of experts also provides graphic overlays, animations and templates to natively integrate the Flowcode into your video content, driving awareness and attention. We have developed dozens of templates for partners to use depending upon the content needs, not only focusing on the way the content is shot but also what the content is about. For example, we recommend our picture-in-picture template for partners looking for commerce experiences from screens.

DELIVERY: At Flowcode we not only focus on the scan but also the post-scan experience. Leverage our mobile-first landing pages for TV, Flowpage, when creating direct connections from any screen. Flowpage organizes your digital ecosystem in one seamless experience. Collect CRM, share socials, embed videos and playlists and more through Flowpage.

DATA: As a FlowcodeTV partner, you receive real-time data analytics, including full funnel analytics on purchases, sign-ups, and downloads, variable analysis, A/B testing, and more. Flowcode QR codes create a more immersive, cross-platform viewing experience that yields positive benefits for the viewer and the broadcaster. We can also integrate into media logs and any analytics platform you use for even deeper data and analytics. 

The world's biggest TV networks and advertisers use FlowcodeTV to power their video experiences and they are seeing scan rates 200% higher than digital click through rates. So what are you waiting for? To explore all of FlowcodeTV’s possibilities and capabilities or request a live demo we would love to chat. Reach out HERE.

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