7 Airbnb Tips Your Guests Will Love

April 26th, 2022 · 4 minute read

airbnb tips

The short-term vacation rental market has been booming. Whether you’re considering listing a place for the first time or trying to revamp your strategy for a current rental, we’re here to help with Airbnb tips your guests will love.

What makes a good Airbnb listing?

Honesty, honesty, honesty. The last thing you want is for someone to show up at your rental, and it’s nothing like you described.

We know that you want people to book a stay at your place, but leaving out information is a one-way ticket to a bad review.

A quick scan of reviews left on Airbnb listings displays a variety of comments from people claiming their expectations didn’t meet their reality. What’s worse than preparing for your vacation rental to have hot water and then discovering it’s broken? Or thinking an apartment is going to be quiet but you hear honking all night. Considering reviews can either make or break your listing, it’s important to be as honest as you can about the pros and cons of your space — because your guests will let you know.

All this to say that the more details you include, the more likely it will be that people will leave a positive review. Next, let's go over Airbnb tips that you can try for your next guests.

Seven dos and don’ts of Airbnb listings

While staying true to your space, you still want to make your listing stand out. Here are our favorite tips and tricks for keeping your place booked out.

1. Do - Offer a video tour of your property. Camera angles can be deceiving, so one of the best ways to showcase your property is to provide a video walkthrough for potential guests.

2. Don’t - Force your guests to fend for themselves. Yes, they’re looking at your Airbnb listing because they’re considering a trip to your town. But, if you can provide a digital guidebook to sell your location, your guests will appreciate a local’s insights on places to visit, eat, and make memories.

airbnb tips

3. Do - Make it easy for guests to connect to WiFi. Everyone wants that WiFi password. Post a QR code on a flyer in your property that allows guests to connect to your network instantly.

4. Don’t - Take bookings outside of the platform. People might try to contact you outside of the Airbnb platform to book their stay because Airbnb charges a 10% booking fee. Some potential guests may even offer to give you 5% of the fee they’d be avoiding for booking outside the platform, but it’s vital that you only take bookings through Airbnb. Booking through the Airbnb platform is protects both you and the traveler. If something is damaged or stolen during a visitor’s stay, Airbnb’s insurance will take care of it. Plus, if a customer isn’t satisfied, they can request a refund through Airbnb — it’s a bit harder to do that if they book outside of the app.

5. Do - Think of the little details. Think about the various things your customers may need during their stay. It could be as simple as putting shampoo and conditioner in the shower or keeping individually packaged toothbrushes in a drawer for those who forgot theirs. Or you can offer more location-specific items for guests’ use, like beach towels and chairs for properties close to the beach.

6. Don’t - Overbook. Be sure that you leave enough time between guests to have the space cleaned and the linens switched over.

7.Do: Make it easy for guests to book their next stay. If they love your place, you want to offer them an effortless way to return. You can put a sign on the table with a QR code that takes visitors directly to your booking page on Airbnb so they can schedule their next getaway.  

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