6 Real Estate Marketing Ideas to Get More Clients

April 26th, 2022 · 4 minute read

real estate marketing

Searching for ways to improve your business as a realtor? Since 88% of home buyers use a real estate agent or realtor to close the deal, there’s always room to find new ways to work with clients.

Although the market is full of prospective buyers and sellers, competition from other realtors can be stiff. What marketing tactics are you leveraging to help you thrive and stand out from the rest of the pack?

In this article, we cover some no-nonsense, high result marketing ideas you can use to boost your real estate business.

Real estate marketing ideas

From professional photography to seamless connection to virtual tours, discover some of the ways modern realtors are getting new clients ands closing more deals.

1. Create a mobile-first website

Okay, this isn’t exactly a new idea — we get that. The trick is to make your website stand out and hyper-accessible for buyers who are on their phone. Many realtors understand that buyers are on their phones throughout the day, so they specifically create mobile first landing pages to provide an easier experience.

Services like Flowpage allow you to consolidate important information like check-in, listing details, and contact collection.

A good website will help you tap into the 92% homeowners who start the buying journey online.

Focus on elements such as the quality of pictures & videos, and content shared on the site, and speed. Your site also needs to be insanely accessible and quick to digest. 

2. Hire a professional photographer

An excellent real estate agent knows the importance of good photos. What client doesn’t judge a home by their appearance?

Photos give clients the first glance at the property, so they should be meticulous. Good pictures will also help you tap customers who buy before visiting a property.

You will want to produce pictures that attract and get the client's attention as they go through your many listings. In addition, the pictures need to capture the quality of the house and its surroundings.

While your phone may produce quality pictures, the job is done best by a real estate photographer. If you choose to advertise the listing with your new photos, create a free QR code to that lets scanners go directly to home information.

3. Use virtual tours

Would you love to convert clients even before they set foot on the property?

Create virtual tours that take your client on tours resembling the real thing. It helps them make an accurate decision no matter their current location.

Virtual reality makes your business look advanced and more appealing. It also reduces the time you spend on giving authentic tours. Many realtors create QR codes for marketing materials to directly take visitors to virtual tours and listing information.

real estate marketing

4. Leverage social media

Social media is an easy way to reach millions of users across different platforms. Platforms like TikTok are becoming a powerful tool for realtors showing off exciting homes and listings.

The first step is to create an attractive profile and upload high-quality pictures and videos. Secondly, capture the essence of your properties in short videos and convey the lifestyle they offer.

Posting doesn’t always get you views. Instead, improve your visibility by using relevant hashtags. You could also engage different social media influencers in your area.

5. Utilize email marketing campaigns

Using email lists gives you access to your prospects and clients. Send out regular newsletters with helpful information to potential buyers about upcoming properties and tours.

Create videos and blogs on new listings, homeownership and improvement tips, and events in the local area. Your prospects get news on open houses, while your former clients get news about the area.

Engage CRM Collection tools to collect contact info and build a database to help you work more efficiently.

6. Ask for reviews and referrals

Trust is an essential part of winning and converting a client. Build this trust by using your successful business dealings.

Ask your clients to leave a review on your website, Google My Business, and other review sites. Positive reviews cultivate trust and improve your visibility online.

Furthermore, you can incentivize your customers, friends, and family to do your marketing. Create T-shirts, cups, and other merchandise and give them out for free.

Include your company logo and a QR code to take scanners directly to your website and social media sites.

Real estate marketing ideas, just for you!

Getting it right in real estate marketing is vital. Use engaging marketing techniques like mobile-first websites, social media, and virtual tours to increase your reach. Furthermore, utilize real estate marketing tools like Flowcode to quickly connect your prospective customers from the offline world to your online listing info!

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