5 Ways QR Codes Can Be Used in Sports

April 25th, 2022 · 4 minute read

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Is there any kind of loyalty that matches the devotion of sports fans to their favorite teams?

You probably know someone who treats Sunday football like church. (No judgment if that person is you.) But when you’re calling the shots, you want to give fans an easy way to build their relationship with your team. That’s where QR codes come into play.

From building fan loyalty to following your favorite players, QR technology can be used in so many ways. Let’s break it down.

How are QR codes used in the sporting world?

QR codes are an excellent way to connect with the fans screaming in the stands and those watching from home. Since most people have a smartphone with them during the game, scanning a QR code offers the path of least resistance to learning more about the players, buying new team swag, or going from a lukewarm fan to a die-hard lifetime fan.

Here are five ways that you can use QR codes for your upcoming sporting events.

1. In stadiums

One of the easiest ways to engage fans present at the game is to put QR codes around the stadium, arena, or ballpark. Most people will be looking at their phones while waiting in line for a hot dog and a beer anyways, so you may as well help them find something to browse.

You could also put QR codes on the back of every seat so players can scan them while there’s no action on the field. Some teams are even doing this in an effort to curtail racism in stadiums.

The QR codes in your stadium can drive interactive and contactless fan activations through a mobile and digital experience. Your codes can connect them to stats for the game, play analyses, player bios, or recap videos.

2. For CRM collection

While QR codes offer more obvious benefits for the fans, they’re incredibly beneficial for sports marketers looking for a better way to collect consumer contact information. Your QR codes give you insights into who’s scanning your codes, and what ad with your codes is driving the biggest impact.

With deeper consumer insights, you’ll be able to gear future marketing campaigns to the people that you know are more likely to interact with your team’s brand. Just be sure to choose a QR code provider that stays on top of data and privacy compliance regulations. 

qr codes

3. For loyalty programs

Everyone loves a loyalty program, especially when it opens the door to perks. Launching a team loyalty program is a breeze when people can sign up directly after scanning a QR code. If you already have a team fan club and aren’t getting the results you want, try using a QR code to revamp your system.

QR codes are now often being used to connect fans to digital experiences like minting NFTs, digital products, and tickets.

4. For following your favorite players

QR codes can help you generate a bigger buzz about your team and players by making it easy for fans to follow their favorite players. You can add individual QR codes next to players’ names in the gameday program or take a page out of UCF Football’s book and replace team members’ numbers with QR codes. UCF will also be displaying each player’s QR code on the home stadium’s jumbotron for fans up in the nosebleeds.

5. On merch

Last (but definitely not least) is utilizing QR codes on your merch! Whether you put the QR directly on your products or you print them on the tags, the code can drive traffic to your online store so fans can buy more gear or sign up for your email list.

However you choose to use QR codes for sports events, the most important thing is to find a QR provider that offers all the features you need in your arsenal.

Flowcode offers access to branded QR codes that have proven to increase real-time engagement with sports fans. Our codes guarantee data and privacy compliance while collecting valuable data to build your fan club. Plus, we provide nonstop customer support with our Flowcode sports experts, so you’re always game-ready.

See how you can use QR codes to take your sports marketing game to the next level and schedule your demo today.

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