QR Codes for Restaurants: 5 Reasons Why you Need Them

May 12th, 2020 · 4 minute read


QR codes for restaurants? How? Well, QR code technology is not brand new, yet today more than ever businesses are learning how they can facilitate sales, build brand loyalty, and make their customers’ lives easier. If you’re in the restaurant industry, you face some unique challenges, especially now. The good news is that these can be solved by Flowcode. Below are 5 reasons why...

How are QR Codes Used in Restaurants?

1. Allow Contactless Ordering

As the COVID-19 pandemic persists and many countries are reopening, it’s crucial to ensure your customers’ safety. Even if you’re practicing social distancing and asking that customers wear masks when they visit your restaurant, you’re still facing the problem of commonly touched surfaces.

For example, your menus are handled by dozens if not hundreds of people throughout the day. Even with regular hand-washing, that’s a recipe for infection. Instead, post a Flowcode at the ordering station or at each table (depending on where customers place their orders). Customers can scan the code to access your menu and tell your server what they'd like to order. You might even consider saving your servers or order-takers some time by allowing customers to place an order through their phone. Flowcode provides a contactless way to deliver ordering options to your customers. This, in turn, provides a convenient ordering experience for your customers that promotes health safety to the highest degree.

2. Collect To-Go Orders

Perhaps your dining room isn’t able or ready to accept patrons just yet. You can still open your restaurant for delivery or takeout. Rather than asking customers to queue up outside your door, try posting a Flowcode that allows them to place a to-go order. You can then use an app or automated text messages to alert them when the order is ready. This strategy helps minimize the amount of time that customers are spending at your business, as well as the inevitable crowding that happens if a bunch of people are waiting.

3. Entertain and Educate Your Customers

People often go to restaurants just because they want an experience. If you have a themed restaurant, Flowcode can be an affordable way to direct patrons to interactive content on their phones. Keep them entertained yet engaged with your brand so that they don't get distracted by social media. 

Even if you don’t have a themed restaurant, Flowcode is great ways to get customers to learn about your specials, brand story, or food preparation process. Let’s say that you have a farm-to-table restaurant. While people wait on their food, use a Flowcode to direct them to a brief video detailing your mission. Customers are unlikely to seek out this information on your own, so use Flowcode to guide them toward it.

4. Collect Customer Reviews

As too many business owners know, some people only leave a review when they have something to complain about, while happy customers don’t take time out of their day to give positive feedback. Catch your patrons in the moment by posting a Flowcode at their table or on their receipt and asking them to leave a quick review. You can even incentivize them by offering a discount on a future meal. By making it easy for them, you can garner more feedback and boost your online reputation.

5. Provide a Personalized Experience

Consumers are increasingly accustomed to having a fully customized experience wherever they go. Unfortunately, restaurants are a little behind the times. Most customers figure that they will have the same experience as everyone else. With Flowcode, that can all change.

Imagine a world in which customers visit your restaurant and can scan a code to take a quiz and receive personalized menu recommendations. If you serve alcohol, you could post a Flowcode that lead to recommended wine or beer pairings with customer's entrees. 

The Perfect Solution

Flowcode is the perfect solution for restaurants looking to adapt their business practices to promote health safety in wake of the COVID-19 pandemic. Are you already excited about all the cool ways you can adapt your restaurant with Flowcode? You can sign up for a free account with Flowcode to make unlimited codes, each equipped with real time data analytics. You can easily track and organize them so that you know which code is for which.

Boost your restaurant business now: join Flowcode today.

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